Video Game Wagon Model Entries

Over the Christmas holidays a number of intrepid modellers created a scene from their most loved video games. All for the chance to win a video game wagon for their very own party with their friends.

Here are some of the entries that we received. Votes are almost all in and the winner will be announced shortly!

Video Game Wagon Party - Model

Level for Lego Star Wars game on the Wii – called Star Wars – Ice Galaxy Level. Competition entry from Toby & Sam.





Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

Lester is always getting into mischief. He’s not scary but clumsy the joker of the pack. Competition entry by Mia.






Video Game Wagon Party - Model

A real world Minecraft scene in a box! Competition Entry by Amelia.






Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

An amazingly detailed cake based on the Gamewagon favourite Minecraft. Competition Entry by Carla.






Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

Mario and Marvel Superheroes vs Darth Vader and his minions. Competition entry from Andreas and Kyri.





I am sure you will all agree they are all brilliant and we are having a hard time making a final decision on the winner. However we will be announcing the winner on our Facebook page very soon –

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