I’d been scouting around online for birthday party venues when I stumbled across an amazing sounding concept called Gamewagon.

Gamewagon Video Game Birthday Parties

Launched in September last year, the Gamewagon is the ultimate fun ride — a big luxury truck pimped out with 3 large HD screens inside, all the latest gaming consoles and stacks of video games for players ages 3 and upwards.

When I watched their boys’ birthday party video, I knew I’d found the dream event for my little gamer. Ezra was going to LOVE this!

I’d earned major cool points with the parents at school after our Disco Loco birthday party last year. But nothing could prepare them for the thrill of the Gamewagon.

Here’s how it works: you call up Gamewagon and arrange a time and place (preferably your home, but they also can set up at schools, community halls etc) for your event. The Gamewagon rolls up and parks outside, the party people get on board and for 2 hours they play a selection of their favourite video games — ours had Skylanders, Fifa 13, Super Mario to name a few.

I had booked the party on a Sunday to avoid any parking issues on our street. At 12.15 exactly the truck pulled up outside to squeals of excitement.

The Gamewagon usually relies on a power source from your home, but since we live on a 2nd floor maisonette they’d brought their own mini generator (it’s not that noisy, but do alert your neighbours if you require a gen).

It took them about 15 minutes to set up and by the time the first few guests arrived — eyes literally popping at the sight of the truck — they were raring to go.

We’d invited 12 of Ezra’s buddies for a boys-only party as the Gamewagon only fits 12 to 15 people at a time. Some might find this limiting but I call it a plus as it forces you to keep numbers down — parties where the whole class comes can be stressful!

The real bonus was being able to kick back indoors with a glass of wine, chatting with a couple of mums who stayed behind, knowing the kids were safely playing in the truck.

Every time I popped in to check on the boys I was amazed at how engrossed they were, how well they were taking turns and also cheering each other on. And there were 2 extremely chilled out Game Experience managers on board who kept things running smoothly.

Kins love Gamewagon Video Parties

Gamewagon parties are recommended for ages 6+, although my 4-year-old and another younger brother sat happily watching the big boys play.

I’d put out nibbles in case the boys got hungry but they were so caught up that only one of them took a toilet break (let alone a snack break) during the entire 2 hours of gaming!

After the wagon drove off, the boys came inside for some Big Apple Hot Dogs and birthday cake. Those brief but manic 30-45 minutes with 15 boys bouncing off the walls indoors made me even more grateful I’d hired Gamewagon!

I honestly can’t recommend this experience highly enough. The service was smooth, friendly, relaxing and the best part is how much fun Ezra and his friends had together.

More than a week after Ezra’s birthday I still had people coming up to tell me ‘thanks so much, my son had the best time EVER!’ and ‘that was a cracking birthday party, you’ve really raised the bar!’ and ‘Jake says for his birthday he wants a Gamewagon’!

Game over.

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