Half Term Drawing Competition

You do not have to wait a year for your kids birthday to come around to enjoy a Gamewagon party!

Your son or daughter and up to 10 of their friends can play all their favourite games together in the Gamewagon by entering our special half term competition.

All they need to do is draw or model their favourite video game characters, include a caption and send to Gamewagon a chance of winning! Read More>>


Every year EA (Electronic Arts) release a new FIFA and every year brings with it new features to better the last, along with new graphics and for the most part; better animations and feel to the game play. FIFA has long been the dominant football game on the market for a very good reason, with every improvement the game tends towards realism but keeps to its competitively fun roots. It is a big favourite in the Gamewagons and everyone learns something new whilst playing together.FIFA 13

With the animations, response times of the players, positioning of computer controlled players and skill, training modes and option features, FIFA only gets better with this latest outing for the 2012-13 season. All the latest players and team rosters are included which even includes weekly mini-updates that relate to transfers and individual player form. This manages to correct a player’s stats based on current form throughout the season and reflects on the real world in a better way than any sports game before. There are a large variety of game modes including managing and player careers; there is a lot to do in this game including some of the best skill practices that can act as mini tournaments in their own right.


FIFA 13 brings home the bacon with its quick setup games; this is your generic friendly matches you will play vs. your friends and family. The menus are easy to navigate and the rapid setup does not get in the way of getting your competitive streak going. We tend not to get involved in changing starting squads and formations in the Gamewagons but you can and many can spend a long time getting their team “just right”.FIFA 13 Game Play

The players respond perfectly to your controller input but only to a point. A low skill player may fumble the ball while receiving a pass, at least more often than a Barcelona starting squad player. The controls are very familiar to returning FIFA fans and don’t take long to learn for the newcomers to pick up. We have included a basic controller guide at the bottom of this review and highlighted a few controls that can really help.

Now about the in-match gameplay, this is the chasis to any football game. The improvement to Fifa’s ball play is considerable; passes look fluid and non-robotic. A good ball to switch play looks gorgeous and similar to what you would see on the TV. Defending now has a stand-off (Jockey) option that simply stops your player charging in like a mad man and holds their ground like a professional. The deeper you get into FIFA the more tricks you pick up to beat your opponent. Practice makes perfect and the time you invest in this game is rewarded with some spectacular moments.

Presentation – Visuals, Sound and Feel

A generation on from FIFA 12 and the realism has again built up. Not only player FIFA 13 Amazing Graphicsanimations but the detail (mainly noticed on the replays) has increased significantly. It has truly welcome HD quality, if you can avoid it don’t play with anything but a HDMI cable.

The commentary is hugely varied in this version and stats are quoted for the most unlikely of teams and players. Almost gone are the days of tedious repetition during your matches. The menu tracks are even current tunes that will certainly be familiar to you.

Multiplayer – In the Van

This is the ultimate “In the Van” game. You can play competitively and cooperatively which offers something for almost everyone. You can have up to four players in a game (nore with the PS3 version) which gets as many involved at a time as possible. Various match lengths mean that we can find it fairly easy to run a tournament if this game is your bag and you want to discover who the best FIFA player is and learn from their techniques.FIFA 13 in the Gamewagon

This traditional style sports game is the rite of passage of any young gamer and even as a rugby fan I find myself loving a kick around vs. my colleauges. A truly fun and great game for party atmospheres and well worth a long session. You can even handicap the best players by giving them a low stats team such as Leyton Orient and have them battle Premiership giants in order to level the playing field.

Tips and tricks

There are so many different play styles to Fifa that are unique to each team and sets of players. Here are a few of the generic ways to attack.

Fast wingers? Then use the space wide and cross in, this is especially effective with a tall striker as a target man.

Great technical players? Use a lot of short passes to weave in and out of your opponents and create chances through hogging possession. Defences do get drawn out of position if you are patient and then a little through ball can open up the route to goal.

If you have a great defence and at least 1 fast attacker then it could be worth letting the opponent come at you, steal possession then send the long ball down the field to have a 1 on 1 against the keeper.

In short, you must use what you have got in your team but that main tip is to pass it around a lot, learn to defend not just attack and slowly your win count will increase.

Basic Controls

XBOX 360 Controller






In Attack

Left Thumb stick – Dribble

Right Trigger Button – Sprint (Shooting when sprinting is less accurate)

A – Ground Pass

X – Lobbed Pass / Cross when in position

Y – Through Ball (Key Skill takes some practice but work on it)

B – Shoot (Do not hold down too long, a short press is enough else your shot will fly over the bar)

B + Right Bumper Button – Finesse Shot (Tricky to get your fingers to come off sprint and then on this but the goals will come)

B + Left Bumper Button – Chip Shot (Nice as your opponent sprints their goalie off their line)

A + B – Fake Shot (Really tricky but when used is very effective)

Left Buffer Button – Trigger Player Run (When passing around making players make forward runs really stretches the defense, get ready to use the through ball but watch the offside).

RB (Held) – Dummy Pass (Similar to fake shot, helps draw tackles and commits a defender).

In Defence

Hold A – Contain (Stand-off attacker much better than rushing in and risking missing the play)

Hold Right Bumper Button – Team mate Contain (Brings in another defender to help defend a player without diving in)

B – Standing Tackle

B (while chasing opponent) – Push & Pull

X – Slide Tackle

Hold LT – Jockey

LB – Switch Player (Moves to nearest defender)

Flick Right Thumbstick – Manually change player

Y – Rush your Goalkeeper

Y x 2 – Send back Goalkeeper

This review was created by one of our experienced Game Experience Managers Charlie Osler. To learn more about Charlie and the rest of the team click here.

Special Effect inspires Gamewagon Team

Special Effect inspires Gamewagon Team

Final preparations are complete. On Sunday the Gamewagon team embark on a challenge to help raise money for Special Effect. A very special charity that allows people young and old to overcome adversity and enjoy video games with their friends and family. We are running a 15K cross country Kamikaze run complete with underground tunnels, barbed wire marsh crawl and river crossings! All for a good cause.

Special Effect are a small group of volunteers that make a big difference. Never heard of them? Not surprising with so many large well known charities with huge budgets  able to command so much attention.

Take a moment to watch the video below to see the magic moments the Special Effect team create everyday.  By raising a little money we hope to enable Special Effect to help more children like Henry (in the video below) benefit from technology for a better quality of life.

He’s five, and his cerebral palsy severely restricts his speech and movement. It means that he’s not able to take part in active play, and up to now he’s just had to watch his brothers have fun.  SpecialEffect set Henry up with an eyegaze computer to enable him to have fun and his Dad, Rob was over the moon.

‘For the first time he could play with something completely ‘on his own’. It was a landmark moment for us as a family’

Watch the video here >>

Many thanks to all those that have sponsored us so far, if you have not managed to do so yet then please click the following link and contribute a little something to help this very special charity.

Click to donate here >>

Gamewagon Kamikaze run for Special Effect

In a few days the Gamewagon team will be undergoing a tortuous event to raise money for a very special charity. Special Effect are a team that help give everyone the opportunity to play video games, regardless of any disability and they create magic moments in peoples lives. Please, take a moment to read and learn a little more about what Special Effect does below and then there is a link to make a donation to spur us on to complete our Kamikaze event.

It is difficult to put in words the special moments that Special Effect create in peoples lives and what it means to the children and adults that they help have experiences that we take for granted. Watch these videos to learn a little more;

Special Effect Overview – Game on for everyone
Ellie’s Story – Back in the game
Charlotte’s Story – Getting back in the game

We will be putting ourselves through one of the most physically demanding experiences of our lives this Sunday, May 19th: The Pippingford Kamikaze 2013. It’s a nightmarish 8 mile slog through a sea of mud, hills, ponds, lakes, and rivers. We are up for it but in reality we are dreading it.

Here are some of the obstacles that we will be looking to overcome;

Raising Money for Special Effect
1. 15km of countryside (Longest run of the year for us so far).

2. The Bog – A river of oozing mud.

3. Barbed wire swamp crawl – Does what it says on the tin!

4. Dark Tunnels – Buried tubes so dark that the devil himself would not enter.

5. Grease Wall & Balance Beam – Once greased up you then balance or fall to oblivion.

We hope that you will make our suffering worthwhile by donating a few pounds to help this small, amazing charity help even more disabled gamers.  Their work is truly life-changing. And the more money we raise, the more lives they can change.

So please donate whatever you can and then we promise not to come round to clean off at your place afterwards!!!

Click the following link to make a donation – Gamewagon Just Giving

RightToPlay raises over £50,000

The Gamewagon team helped RightToPlay to raise over £50,000 in last weeks 5K run in Battersea Park to help improve the lives of children all over the world. Ever since we first met RightToPlay there was a match between their values and our own.

Kids love to play no matter where or when and have the right to do so. Anything we can do to help kids all over the world to play through our involvement here in the UK hits the right chord with us.

“Thank you so much to you and the rest of the Gamewagon team for supporting the Right To Play 5K Challenge 2013. It was great to have you there and it really added to the overall atmosphere and enjoyment of the day for our runners.” Kathryn Roche – RightToPlay

323 runners overall (our own John Lilley managed to beat his personal best and managed the 5K in 27 Minutes and 30 Seconds) ran on a sun-filled Battersea Park on Friday evening and overall the event has raised an incredible £54,000 so far!

Thanks to this event (and other fund raising) thousands of children’s lives will be changed forever. Right To Play are able to educate and empower children and youth to overcome the effects of poverty, conflict and disease in the most disadvantaged communities around the world.

Please check out the video of the event on You Tube here.

We would like to thank Right To Play for the opportunity to help and we hope to help at the Right To Play 5K again next year!

New Super Mario Bros WiiU

Super Mario Bros. USuper Mario Brothers (SMB) has been a title that is now being passed down the generations. This latest outing into Mario’s world of stolen princesses and castles goes back to the basics, 2 dimensional scrolling world exploring at its finest.

SMB has something for everyone, for beginners the controls are intuitive and the levels easy to follow. Any advanced players trying to hit the 100% complete will really find it a challenge to be the best. The difficulty curve manages successfully to train the player and get them through the levels without anyone throwing their controller at the screen in frustration. However, your chosen character WILL die; it is inevitable; unless you have the skill of a ninja plumber and reactions like a praying mantis, it will happen. Dying is not an issue and is a part of the game and the journey.

Pro players be warned; the challenge mode will own you should you feel brave enough to go for the 100% completion, practice makes perfect…but you may need a lot of practice.

Presentation – Visuals, Sound and Theme

The theme to this Mario game is a throwback to the Mario legacy. With the Wii U’s new HD quality, this genre has never looked better and the characters and animations are endearing and wonderful to watch bounce around the screen. The music and sounds are a classic mix of modern and old classics and will undoubtedly haunt your dreams in a friendly fashion, should you play for extended periods of time.

With different worlds offering different sets of enemies, obstacles and mechanics, there is a lot of variety to the side scrolling running and jumping. This mixes up the play with new power-ups that make the game feel fresh and continually entertaining. Mini-games to provide chances at gaining lives and power-ups mix up the story mode and provide another level of variety.

Multiplayer – In the Gamewagon

This game is a constant favourite in our Gamewagons and is almost age irrelevant. It caters for various skill levels and ends up generating a great deal of noise, whether the players succeed or fail. Great fun and a real special addition to the Wii U, this is a popular choice.

The multiplayer is chaotic but in a manageable sense. The kinds of chaos and maniacal play style that will make you laugh and shout. It can be taken seriously with the eye on progression through the story mode. This is difficult to maintain when players can block each other and jump on each other’s heads in a hilarious fashion, this can even lead to secret areas and so is worked into the game.

A must play on the new console and one that kids and adults alike will love. It did not take us long to fall in love with the games style and has kept us entertained for a long time. Using the Wii U pad can aid your team through the levels. Using the touch screen can stun enemies or create platforms for Mario and the gang to make progression easier. However, there are some personalities that also work out they can hinder rather than help and this creates some really fun moments.

Tips and Tricks

Staying alive in Mario can be tough; this section will show you how to get through the game as stress-free as possible.

Stay healthy – More lives can be earned from collecting 100 coins, toad huts and secret boxes scattered through the levels. Keep your eyes peeled. If you manage to hit the top of the end-level flag, you will be awarded a 1-up. This can be done easily using the raccoon flying suit.

Bubble Yourself – When playing with a team it is possible to save yourself from a sticky situation with the A button. This will place you in a bubble so you can whisk yourself back to your teammates. Caution; if you all bubble at once it will count as a wipe and you will have to restart the level from the beginning or the last check point.

Smooth moves – Using your jump correctly is vital in Mario. If you jump three times, whilst sprinting, produces a mega jump that will shoot you into the air. Alternatively, use a team mates head to propel yourself upwards!

Beat the Bosses – The various bosses usually are defeated by jumping on their head. Wait for a safe moment to take this opportunity. Learn their patterns and attacks and they should not prove too hard.


Direction-pad – Move your character using left and right. Pressing down ducks below overhead threats.

1 – Sprint/Use ability/Hold Yoshi
2 – Jump
A – Bubble yourself in multiplayer

Shaking the controller – Adds a little more air time in your jump or activates your special jumps from power-ups and Yoshis.

This review was created by one of our experienced Game Experience Managers Charlie Osler. To learn more about Charlie and the rest of the team click here.