Half Term Competition: Create Your Own Video Game Idea

You do not have to wait a year for your kids birthday to come around to enjoy a Gamewagon party! Your son or daughter and up to 12 of their friends can play all their favourite games together in the Gamewagon by entering our special half term competition.

We have teamed up with Liam Twose at Young Games Maker. Liam is building a “game creating game” for children. It is still being developed at www.YoungGamesMaker.com. Many older children may have already used an application called Scratch or Concept 2 at school to develop programming skills. Liam aims to start the creative juices flowing earlier by developing a game that is fun and allows kids as young as 6 years old to create their own games.

All you need to do is get your kids to describe and draw their own video game idea by filling out our video game story board (Attached) and send to Gamewagon for a chance of winning! The winner will not only win a Gamewagon Party, they will get a version of their game developed by Liam!

To send to Gamewagon take a scan or photograph of the story board (Attached) and send to drawing@gamewagon.co.uk. Simples!!!

When we were “knee high to a grasshopper” we remember creating our own games by typing lines and lines of code. Today, the development process is too complicated for many to try it. However, Liam is developing an App that will allow kids to learn the basics, be creative and develop their own games!

We are looking for inspiration from your kids imagination. What is the game called? What is the aim? Where is the game set? Who are the characters? What do they have to overcome? The limit should only be their own imagination and the winner gets a version of their game created!

Everyone is welcome to try so feel free to forward this to your friends so everyone has a chance to win!

Download the story board entry sheet – Your Own Game – Competition Sheet

We will post the submitted games and pictures in our special half term competition album on our Gamewagon Facebook Page and we will announce the winner on Monday, 11th November 2013.

Conditions: The Gamewagon party is for up to 12 people. To be held within 12 months of the winning announcement date. Must be held within London and the Home Counties.

The created game will be the designers interpretation of the game described and drawn. It will be playable but may not contain all elements described.