The Nintendo 2DS – Review

The Japanese gaming gods, Nintendo, have recently added a new member to the, already

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS – Perfect fit for little hands.

expansive, DS family – their range of handheld gaming gadgets, for Mario on the move.

Joining the ranks of the 3DS and 3DS XL is the Nintendo 2DS.  The 2DS joins six other products in the range, so who’s it for? With a smaller screen, fewer features and an unpopular design that does away with the trademark laptop-style folding action, it may be difficult to see the appeal of the newest model.

However, there’s a solid reason behind each revision, setting sights on the youngest audience. It’s flat, like a dual screen tablet, improving the structural strength in clumsier hands (the hinge was often the first breaking point on a long-serving DS). The glasses-free 3D has been removed to lower costs of manufacture and this is no big loss. Although technically impressive, there are only a handful of games in which the added depth really alters the experience. Nintendo actually warn against under-7s using the feature as it may be damaging to eyes that are still developing.

The whole look and feel of the 2DS is one of kid-friendly robustness that comes in red and white or blue and black. It’s a kind of my-first-Nintendo that can play the entire library of 3DS game cartridges and downloadable apps (albeit without the 3D effects). In fact, the technical specs inside the tough, new exterior are near enough identical to its bigger brothers.

Such compatibility means the 2DS is your cheapest and most accessible gateway to the fantastic back catalogue of DS games. It’s a library bursting with fun games that are often suitable for all ages.  New Super Mario Bros. 2, Pokemon X & Y, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf are a few of our favourites.

Even without the significant price drop, the Nintendo 2DS is the best choice for children under twelve who are desperate to upgrade their gaming from Mum and Dad’s tablet.

Video Game Wagon Model Entries

Over the Christmas holidays a number of intrepid modellers created a scene from their most loved video games. All for the chance to win a video game wagon for their very own party with their friends.

Here are some of the entries that we received. Votes are almost all in and the winner will be announced shortly!

Video Game Wagon Party - Model

Level for Lego Star Wars game on the Wii – called Star Wars – Ice Galaxy Level. Competition entry from Toby & Sam.





Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

Lester is always getting into mischief. He’s not scary but clumsy the joker of the pack. Competition entry by Mia.






Video Game Wagon Party - Model

A real world Minecraft scene in a box! Competition Entry by Amelia.






Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

An amazingly detailed cake based on the Gamewagon favourite Minecraft. Competition Entry by Carla.






Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

Mario and Marvel Superheroes vs Darth Vader and his minions. Competition entry from Andreas and Kyri.





I am sure you will all agree they are all brilliant and we are having a hard time making a final decision on the winner. However we will be announcing the winner on our Facebook page very soon –

Quotes from Parents who held Gamewagon parties in December

Katia: Reading

“The party went very, very well, the children really loved it. They had a great time. Jay was excellent and the process was so simple. Thanks.”

Charlotte: St Albans

“One of my son’s friends asked his mum the very next day if he could have the same party too! Thanks to everyone at Gamewagon who made it, in my son’s words “the best party ever!”

Donna: Uxbridge

“Gamewagon is just such a brilliant idea and professionally delivered. The boys in the party where 8/9 yrs old, so just perfect for them. All said it was the best party they had ever been to. Brownie points for mum and dad as well!”

Laura: Epsom

“We really enjoyed the fact that the kids were all in the wagon the whole time, they were safe and being looked after and having a great time .


The GEM got all kids involved and no one was ever playing alone. He was really great, polite,friendly and energetic towards the kids. Would book again in a flash. My son had the best birthday.”

Ronan: Hertfordshire

“The kids loved all of it by the sounds of it. Lots of noise from inside and lots of happy faces when it was time to go and eat.


Would suggest Game Wagon to others and even corporate and family / friends celebrations not just kids birthdays. Brilliant idea and so easy for us.”

Rachael: Bromley, Kent

“The wagon arrived bang on time. The boys disappeared inside and I had time to organise their tea in peace! It was the easiest party for me ever and my son and his friends had a great time!”