Children’s University Validation for Game wagon

Game wagon’s CEO, John Lilley recently ran a workshop on behalf of Wolverhampton University. The aim was to introduce local primary school teachers to how Junior Game Creators uses guided discovery and teamwork to inspire children’s interest in computer science.

Mr Lilley said, “There is a huge amount of attention being given to the “Learn to code” bandwagon. However, not every child is cut out to be a coder and there is more to computer science than just coding. Our workshops help develop the soft skills as well as the hard skills like creating the code to make an idea come alive.”

The Children’s University validates learning activities for children within the 5-14 age range. The children receive their very own passport that they can get stamped when they complete validated learning activities. A super idea that encourages learning and promotes activities that are inclusive, diverse and have clear objectives and benefits to children.

“It is great to be able to have our workshops validated. We draw on children’s hobbies, interests and creativity to allow them to create their own games. We do not want kids to code for the sake of coding we want them to use code to create something that means something to them.” continued Mr Lilley.

In becoming validated by the Children’s university Junior Game Creators showed that it delivered on the following key criteria;

  • Learning outcomes and benefits to the children is clear and sustainable.
  • The sessions engage with a child’s interests and curiosity.
  • There are opportunities for different learning styles and for the children to take on different roles and responsibilities.
  • Children are engaged in thinking / questioning / problem solving both individually and as a group.
  • Each session leads to ongoing exploration and learning.

“We are extremely proud of the way we have developed our sessions to stretch the creativity of the children we meet. Some are great story tellers, creative thinkers, artists, communicators, managers, musicians and all have something to offer. They are all great users of technology but we give them the chance to go off-piste and create something that they care about.”

It is always a proud moment for Gamewagon CEO and Junior Game Creator Founder, John Lilley, when he sees children work together to overcome obstacles and create something unique and special to them. By working with the Children’s University we hope to be able to reach more children across the country and give them a chance to discover and secure their digital futures.

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