Summer Holiday Code Camps powered by Gamewagon

Game wagon Cup Stacking AlgorithmGame Wagon and Junior Game Creators is hosting a summer of super fun and educational Code Camps built around kids learning to build their own video games.

The Game Wagon’s Junior Game Creator workshops are being held across the country.

We’ll be playing and making some really great games, with challenges, team work and activities for everyone. For more information on locations visit Game Creators is brought to you by the Game wagon team.

What Is Junior Game Creators?

Junior Game Creators is a fun and educational workshop designed to nurture an interest in computer science through a child’s passion for games and video games. Kids love playing video games but we take that enthusiasm and teach them how to create their own.

How much does it cost?

The cost is (£45 per day) and you can bring your own laptops, or request to use one of our own. Game wagon Experience Managers run the whole session and make sure everyone is involved. All you need is a budding game creator with an interest in video games and a packed lunch. You can book a single day or all three days and the structure ensures that the sessions do not repeat.

Who is the workshop aimed at?

If you know a child, aged 8 and above, who’d love to have a go at making their own games, this workshop is ideal. Just do not tell them it is educational! They get to analyse, make and play games of their very own.

What do we cover?

We use practical games to introduce key concepts of computer science and show them how games are developed and why some work, becoming popular, and others do not.

Our courses are accredited with The Children’s University and the Children’s Activity Association for their soft skills as well as developing computational thinking. They are not just about code.

Our game creators are then challenged to create their own games (with guidance) and are given constructive feedback from the group to improve. By the end of the day they will have made games of their very own to show you when they get home.

Those that come for more than a day will move onto making their very own game from scratch, they imagine it, plan it and make it (with our guidance and support).

How do I book?

Follow this link and fill out the form and we will contact you to confirm your place –

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