Gamewagon’s Game Maker Summer Holiday Competition

Kids Summer Game Design Competition by Gamewagon

Junior Game Creators Video Game Design Canvas designed by Gamewagon

More than just code.

There is so much more to designing the games kids play than just code.  Some games end up as one play flops, whilst others deliver endless fun, challenges, and entertainment.
Like learning any language you learn by doing. Working on projects and using the language in situations that are important to you. Learning to code is no different but you have to start with a plan / design.
Kids love video games and when balanced with other activities provide great opportunity for problem solving, strategy, incremental process improvement, communication and team work. Learning to make their own games gives them the desire to learn to code on real projects that matter to them. We call it learning through play or guided discovery.

Gamewagon’s Summer Game Design Competition.

This summer we are encouraging your kids to have fun and take part in our game design competition. Every week will will award the best game design with a 12 Month Subscription to our online game design code club. Plus, for the game chosen for it’s creativity each week, we will actually record a video that will teach your kids how to make the game they designed in Scratch!

How to enter

1. Download our video game design canvas. Link Video Game Design Canvas and print out some copies.
2. Get some pens, pencils or crayons and fill out the canvas. Be creative, draw pictures, explain how it works, tell the story of your game.
3. Take a photo and email it to
4. Every Friday through the holidays a winner will be announced on our Facebook page and the following Friday the video released on our YouTube page.

Five chances to win

There are 5 chances to win during the summer as long as you submit your entries before midday on the following Fridays during the summer; 29th July, 5th August, 12th August, 19th August, and 26th August.
You can enter one entry per week and everyone will be able to build the games that are chosen themselves so they can have fun building and playing the games over the holidays.

Junior Game Creator Summer Camps (Surrey, Middlesex, Essex and Kent)

If you enjoy this activity then do not forget to check out our super fun game design workshops being help across London. For more info click here.

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