Peak Birthday Parties Season Starting Soon!

Over the past 4.5 years we have found September and October to be insanely busy delivering our birthday parties to families across the UK.

As a scientist and data lover I’ve never been satisfied with the thought that it was just the unpredictable weather that made us the perfect choice for kids party idea for that time of year. So, I got my research hat on. It turns out there are more babies born in late September and early October than at any other time of the year. Therefore, more parties!

There is obviously more to Xmas Spirit than first meets the eye. Dark nights combined with some festive spirits does bear its fruits: From mid-September to mid-October it is the peak time of birth in the UK  – nine months after Christmas Day! Where does everyone find the time!

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) clearly indicates the popularity of birth dates in this period.

Birthday Frequency UK

What does this mean for you as a parent? If your own child has a September or October birthday, then you better get organised ASAP as party venues and entertainers are likely to be booked up way in advance as they become aware of the increased competition for key dates and times.

So do not hang around and get in contact to book your party before the key dates disappear. Click on the following link and we will check the dates for you – Price your Party

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