Gaming Party Tip of the Week – Rocket League

rocket league gaming party tipHave you got a big match coming up at a gaming party this weekend?

Here are some top tips to help you Rocket yourself to the top of the leader board at your gaming party or your friends!

The set up of a game can be key to winning. Being able to air roll and boost at the same time will give you an advantage against your opponents. To do this simple Change the ‘Air roll’ button to L1 or R1 from ‘O’ so you can air roll and boost at the same time.

Our other top tip is, pay attention to the whole pitch in order to anticipate where you should be and when. Turn off ‘camera shake’ to improve your game play and change the default camera settings so the POV is higher, this will make the screen wider and will make it easier to play.

Good luck!

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