Gaming Party Tip of the Week – FIFA 18

FIFA 18 gaming party tipHave you got a big match coming up at a gaming party this weekend?

Whether you’re a defending champion or an underdog looking for your first win,
here are our top tips to compete with your friends at a gaming party this weekend.

  • Never stop moving – When playing FIFA 18 always try to keep passing the
    ball. This technique makes it harder for your opponent to tackle you.
    Even if you are not quite sure where you are going, keep possession and
    keep passing, this will increase your chances of creating space in which
    you can attack. At your birthday parties it is the teams that work together and pass the ball that always come out on top.
  • The Danger of sprinting – There are a few times when you should sprint
    for example when you’re trying to catch up with an attacker. However, in
    most situations when you are sprinting you may lose some control over
    the ball and this leaves you vulnerable to defenders. You should never
    sprint into a crowd of opposing players as the ball will be knocked ahead
    and can easily be intercepted by one of the opponent’s players.

Our top Tip is, remember it’s a team game and it is very tempting to pass the ball quickly up
the pitch. This is not always the best move. If your striker receives the ball in midfield but the rest of your team is in defence, he becomes very vulnerable to attack. Always try to pass a few times before you go to far forward. This way your striker will always have some support and your chances of breaking your opponents defence increases and this gives you more options. Happy playing.

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