Gaming Party Tip of the Week – Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo Gaming PartyAnyone got a big race coming up? Fancy some adrenaline fuelled drag races with your friends at this weekends gaming party? Here is our top tip to drive
circles around your buddies.

Try, try and try again – When driving on these maps for the first time don’t worry if you get lost, crash or jump off the track (it’s normal it would be strange if you didn’t). The key is to keep going until you know the maps and all the danger spots. Use the restart button as much as possible and jump back to the start of the race, this feature is a huge time saver.

Our Top Tip is – Play the game on single player and set the gold ghost car to race with you, (the gold ghost car is the computer driving on what it thinks is the best possible route slowing down and speeding up when it is most effective). Follow it closely and watch the line it takes through corners and once you know what it’s going to do you will know how to beat it. Then get ready to take home the gold. Drive safe out there.

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