About Us

You name the time and place, we bring the party. Game wagon TM the ultimate party idea!

Gamewagon TM has created the market for video game inspired kids parties and coding parties across the UK. With over 4,500 events successfully delivered you can be confident that you are working with the best in the business.

• You can put your feet up and just relax, as our CRB checked staff will take care of
everything for you.
• Parties can last as long as you like but we recommend 90 minutes screen time for the Under 10’s. As they get older you could extend to 2hrs.
• Suitable for everyone and we can setup anywhere, outside your home, business or
any social event. The most fun and hassle free party idea!
• Offer all the top games, PEGI rated, meaning we ensure all games are age
appropriate, we have games for all tastes, girls, boys or adults.
• Huge list of fun multiplayer games that ensures every party guest is involved at all times.
• GameWagon staff will make sure all guests are happy, safe and get taught how to
play the games (if needed)

If video games are the heart and soul of the Game Wagon, then our GEMs (Game Experience Managers) are surely the backbone: they run the events, provide player support and add their infectious enthusiasm and experience for gaming to our younger and older gamers alike.