Peak Birthday Parties Season Starting Soon!

Over the past 4.5 years we have found September and October to be insanely busy delivering our birthday parties to families across the UK.

As a scientist and data lover I’ve never been satisfied with the thought that it was just the unpredictable weather that made us the perfect choice for kids party idea for that time of year. So, I got my research hat on. It turns out there are more babies born in late September and early October than at any other time of the year. Therefore, more parties!

There is obviously more to Xmas Spirit than first meets the eye. Dark nights combined with some festive spirits does bear its fruits: From mid-September to mid-October it is the peak time of birth in the UK  – nine months after Christmas Day! Where does everyone find the time!

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) clearly indicates the popularity of birth dates in this period.

Birthday Frequency UK

What does this mean for you as a parent? If your own child has a September or October birthday, then you better get organised ASAP as party venues and entertainers are likely to be booked up way in advance as they become aware of the increased competition for key dates and times.

So do not hang around and get in contact to book your party before the key dates disappear. Click on the following link and we will check the dates for you – Price your Party

What’s on 4 Junior Award Nomination for Gamewagon

Junior Game Creators and game wagon nominated for award.

The nominees for the prestigious 2017 What’s On 4 Kids Awards have just been announced – and Game wagon has been nominated for the 3rd year running by our amazing customers!

This exciting awards programme, which is now in its eleventh year and celebrates the best activities, classes, people and places throughout the country as nominated and voted for by the experts – parents, carers and the kids that experience them.

Gamewagon is a nominee in the best children’s independent kids party business category and will now go through to the national voting stage! Junior Game Creators has also been nominated which is a a super double whammy for business owner John Lilley.

Gamewagon has become the UK’s premier provider of video game parties using their fleet of 11 custom build video game party wagons. They also provide amazing code clubs teaching kids with an interest in video games valuable coding skills.

John Lilley from Gamewagon, said: “This is sensational and  testimony to the continual improvements we have made and in retaining a great team that listens and delivers for our customers. The game wagon and junior game creator team is the best in the business and continue to delight parents and their children every day. This nomination is for their dedication passion and expertise.”

Bev O’Sullivan  from What’s On 4 UK add: “We are so excited to once again be at the very crucial voting stage of the 11th annual ‘What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2017’ in the UK. These awards mean so much because they are voted on by real customers who want to show their respect for professional companies.”

Children’s University Validation for Game wagon

Game wagon’s CEO, John Lilley recently ran a workshop on behalf of Wolverhampton University. The aim was to introduce local primary school teachers to how Junior Game Creators uses guided discovery and teamwork to inspire children’s interest in computer science.

Mr Lilley said, “There is a huge amount of attention being given to the “Learn to code” bandwagon. However, not every child is cut out to be a coder and there is more to computer science than just coding. Our workshops help develop the soft skills as well as the hard skills like creating the code to make an idea come alive.”

The Children’s University validates learning activities for children within the 5-14 age range. The children receive their very own passport that they can get stamped when they complete validated learning activities. A super idea that encourages learning and promotes activities that are inclusive, diverse and have clear objectives and benefits to children.

“It is great to be able to have our workshops validated. We draw on children’s hobbies, interests and creativity to allow them to create their own games. We do not want kids to code for the sake of coding we want them to use code to create something that means something to them.” continued Mr Lilley.

In becoming validated by the Children’s university Junior Game Creators showed that it delivered on the following key criteria;

  • Learning outcomes and benefits to the children is clear and sustainable.
  • The sessions engage with a child’s interests and curiosity.
  • There are opportunities for different learning styles and for the children to take on different roles and responsibilities.
  • Children are engaged in thinking / questioning / problem solving both individually and as a group.
  • Each session leads to ongoing exploration and learning.

“We are extremely proud of the way we have developed our sessions to stretch the creativity of the children we meet. Some are great story tellers, creative thinkers, artists, communicators, managers, musicians and all have something to offer. They are all great users of technology but we give them the chance to go off-piste and create something that they care about.”

It is always a proud moment for Gamewagon CEO and Junior Game Creator Founder, John Lilley, when he sees children work together to overcome obstacles and create something unique and special to them. By working with the Children’s University we hope to be able to reach more children across the country and give them a chance to discover and secure their digital futures.

Rays of Sunshine and GameWagon grant Logan’s greatest wish.

A video game-mad eight year old, from Birmingham, was treated to a very special video game party at his house to celebrate finishing his treatment for cancer, thanks to Rays of Sunshine and GameWagon.

gamewagon grants Logan's wish for a video game party.

From left is Keaira Hancock, 6, Logan Smith, 8, Mark Phillips of Game Wagon, Finley Smith, 7, and Kesi Bram, 2.

Eight year old Logan was living with a rare form of cancer; Rhabdomyosarcoma, which he was diagnosed with earlier this year. Since diagnosis, Logan has endured surgery to remove the cancerous tumour, as well as intense chemotherapy, which has meant he spent a lot of time in hospital. During which, Logan became particularly interested in gaming, playing games such as MineCraft during his long hospital visits.

After his treatment came to an end earlier this month, Logan’s mum applied for a wish through children’s charity Rays of Sunshine, for Logan to be treated to his very own celebratory gaming party.  The charityenlisted the support of GameWagon, who didn’t hesitate to organise for one of its custom-built fleet to go to Logan’s house, bringing the party to his doorstep and granting his wish. During the fun-filled afternoon, Logan was able to play all of his favourite video games alongside his family.

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Mobile code club that comes to you

Gamewagon’s month of Code continues!

We know not every video game fanatic can make it to our national workshops with The Big Picture Summer Schools  this Summer so to coincide with the fixed location summer schools, we’ve developed a way to bring the fun to you.

Mobile Junior Game Creator workshops delivered to you by Gamewagon

Mobile Code Club is a 4 hour session of cooperative and creative fun, delivered in our custom-built Gamewagon vehicles, straight to your door.

Junior Game Creator

Junior Game Creators at work in the mobile classroom or Game wagon.


We’ve crammed each session with unique game activities, designed with all ability levels in mind. And to help young gamers get the most from their interest in video games.  Workshops are led by our expert Game Experience Managers.

Best of all, Junior Game Creators is great value for money. Throughout August, we’ll bring a 4 hour workshop to you for just £40 per child, any time of the week. All we need is 6-8 keen game enthusiasts and somewhere to park and plugin.

To book your Mobile Mind Craft Workshop, call Julie on 08453 194 263.

For more information on our Junior Game Creator workshops then please visit:

Gamewagon Video Game Awards

Gamewagon Fleet covering London, Home Counties, Bristol, Bath and Birmingham

The 2015 Gamewagon Family Video Game Awards celebrate the very best family friendly video games.

Gamewagon has become a trusted advisor to over 30,000 families across London and the South East over the past three years for all things video game related. From amazing kids parties to inspirational code clubs, Gamewagon’s team of talented entertainers understand and support a nation of family gamers. The Game wagon Annual Awards reward, celebrate and recognise those games that are providing the very best in family friendly gaming.

Game wagon video game awards 2015

By recognising these games you will be reminding the video game industry of the huge demand for age appropriate and family friendly games.

Nominate Your Favourite Video Games Here

Game wagon Family Video Game Award Categories

This year, there are 12 Awards categories in the Game wagon family video game awards representing the full range of video games created for kids, and parents across the UK.

  • Best Platform Game
  • Best Sports Game
  • Best Adventure Game
  • Best Driving Game
  • Best Multiplayer Game – Sponsored by Gamewagon
  • Best iOS Game (includes iPhone & iPad)
  • Best Android Game (includes phone & tablet)
  • Best Educational Game – Sponsored by Junior Game Creators
  • Best XBOX Game (includes XBOX One)
  • Best Playstation Game (Includes PS4)
  • Best Wii Game (Includes WiiU)
  • Best Handheld Game (Includes DS, 3DS and PSP / Vita)

If you are a video game publisher you may want to read our Questions & Answers page. If you are a parent then please click the button below to nominate your favourite family friendly video games.

Nominate Your Favourite Video Games Here

Our Gamewagon Family Video Game Award Sponsors

Junior Game Creators

Junior Game CreatorsJunior Game Creators is a family of fun, educational clubs and workshops designed to kickstart kids interest in computer science through video games.


GamGame Wagon Kids Partiesewagon’s birthday parties are fast becoming legendary – they are so much fun! We have held over 2,700 parties and counting and have a professional and respected team to make things easy for you and simply the coolest party ever for the kids.

What’s on 4 Junior Award Nomination for Video Game Party Wagon

Game wagon nominated for video game party wagon

The nominees for the prestigious What’s On 4 2015 Junior Awards  have just been announced – and Game wagon has been nominated by our amazing customers!

This exciting awards programme, which is now in its ninth year and celebrates the best activities, classes, people and places throughout the country as nominated and voted for by the experts – parents, carers and the kids that experience them.

Gamewagon’s South East operation is a nominee in the best children’s entertainment category and will now go through to the national voting stage!

Gamewagon has become the UK’s premier provider of video game parties using their fleet of 10 custom build video game party wagons. They also provide amazing code clubs teaching kids with an interest in video games valuable coding skills.

John Lilley from Gamewagon, said: “This was a wonderful surprise and testimony to the investments we have made in a great team that delivers over and beyond the cause of duty for our customers. The game wagon team is the best in the business and continue to delight parents and their children every day. This nomination is for their dedication and enthusiasm.”

Bev O’Sullivan & Marilyn Bradshaw from What’s On 4 UK add: “We are so excited to once again be at the very crucial voting stage of the 9th annual ‘What’s On 4 Junior Awards 2015’ in the UK. These awards mean so much because they are voted on by real customers who want to show their respect for professional companies.”

After School Coding Club

Junior Game Creators

Gamewagon CEO John Lilley is helping junior schools across London to teach children valuable computer science skills using video games as a fun focus.

“When I was at school I was lucky enough to learn to code. I was part of the personal computer revolution and cut my teeth writing code on the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro.


This is something that kids today have missed out on, they are great users of technology but do they know how to create their own apps or programs?”

Junior Game CreatorsSaid Mr Lilley. Kids love video games and using coding programs like scratch to introduce programming concepts like variables, loops, conditional statements and algorithms gives students a foundation of knowledge that will carry them forward without fear.

Gamewagon developed the Junior Game Creators after school clubs to support the national curriculum by giving primary school children the confidence and enthusiasm for computer science. John Lilley went on to say;

“In the same way that learning to read opens up a wider opportunity to learn. So does learning to code. I did not become a computer programmer but the creative thinking skills I learnt in my school days helped me understand what was possible [with technology] and drove my thirst to use applications effectively in business.”

To learn more visit the Junior Game Creators web site –

Gamewagon Launches in the South West

Gamewagon THE Video Game Party Company Expands to the South West.

Boys and Girls across Bristol and Bath will soon be able to celebrate in style with the brand new Birthday party concept following the decision by Gamewagon CEO John Lilley to continue Gamewagon’s growth with a Gamewagon business based in the South West.

“The Gamewagons simply ooze quality! They do not just look good on the outside. On the inside it is a real Aladdin’s cave of quality video game equipment with WiiU, Xbox 360 and PS4 consoles.”

Gamewagon started just over two years ago in London and has delivered over 2,000 birthday parties and is getting rave reviews. Bookings are already being taken for parties in the South West starting in January 2015.Gamewagon Video Game Parties

The party concept helps deliver a sociable, interactive party where kids can play, share and co-operate whilst playing their favourite video games with their friends. Something they rarely get a chance to do all together. Whilst parents get the convenience of having the party brought to them and managed from start to finish.

Mr Lilley said: “Video gaming is a very popular pastime and making the whole event a social occasion creates a unique experience that is difficult to achieve without a lot of hassle. The Gamewagon solves this problem but it still requires talented staff to make the whole event a success. It all starts in the very beginning by understanding our customer’s needs. Then it is about communication and delivery, every time, without fail. We take great pride in our customer feedback. Without our satisfied customers the business would have been much tougher to build.”

The national expansion is set to continue across the UK in 2015 bringing many part time jobs and great full time local business opportunities to those that have an entrepreneurial flair but may be struggling to know how to start their own business.

Gamewagon currently has 5 full time staff, 9 Game wagons and 15 Game Experience Managers who deliver birthday parties, corporate events and after school clubs.

MD for Gamewagon, Mr Lilley said: “We have proven the concept across London and the Home Counties and now it is time to expand and bring the opportunity to experience age appropriate Gamewagon parties to the rest of the UK, starting in the South West.”

John Lilley (MD for Gamewagon) continued: “The South West picked itself as our next step. We have had considerable interest from parents having heard about Gamewagon from family and friends and also from those having moved to the area from London.”

Gamewagon’s franchise opportunity allows someone to step into business for themselves but not by themselves. Full training and support is provided to make the most of this fun and rewarding opportunity.

“Focusing on delivering exceptional customer service and really cool events has given kids playground Kudos and made heroes out of parents. That is what Gamewagon is all about”. Summarised Mr Lilley.

Gamewagon Supports Charity FIFA Tournament

Gamewagon Sponsors Special Effect and Frome FC FIFA Tournament

Gamewagon Sponsors Frome FC FIFA Tournament for Special EffectA special partnership has been formed by local gamer Tom Clark and Frome Town Football Club who will be holding a charity FIFA15 tournament at their Venue & Sports Bar.

The event will be in aid of Special Effect, and it coincides with their GAMEBLAST 15 event. Special Effect is a charity who put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with a physical disability by helping them to play video games by using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control. In turn this helps brings families and friends together and has a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation.

Tom, 25 and from Frome, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy that has left him with little movement, and he has been one of the lucky recipients from the Special Effect charity meaning he has been able to once again play computer games and in particular a love of FIFA15 by EA Sports.

Gamewagon Sponsors FIFA Tournament for Special Effect

As well as gaming Tom also has a passion for Frome Town Football Club and is seen regular at home and away games so he decided to bring two passions together:

“I had this idea of a gaming event but wasn’t sure really where to go with it so I contacted Ian Pearce whose the Managing Director of Frome Town to see if they had any thoughts and I was delighted when they offered the use of their facilities for no cost and also agreed to help in the organisation of the event. Since then things have really taken off and we have the backing of Special Effect and they are also using their contacts with the likes of EA Sports to really help make this take off”.

The event will be open to just 64 entrants who will each have to raise a minimum of £20 sponsorship to enter and it will be held on Sunday 22nd February 2015 from 10am and will see qualifying rounds leading up to knock out stages and the grand final on the clubs large 13ft screen.

Tom went on to say: “We were looking for sponsors for the event and donation of prizes for winners.  John Lilley of Gamewagon was on the phone in a shot to help out and are now our lead sponsor. Gamewagon is helping provide the XBOX 360’s and screens. This is a sensational effort.”

John Lilley said:

“We are huge supporters of what Special Effect does and stands for. They bring families together and create magic moments that many thought would not be possible. Many families take playing games together for granted. We see that SpecialEffect shares our vision to make gaming better by bringing people together.”

Hosting the event was an easy decision for Frome Town said Ian: “I’ve known Tom for many years and as soon as he came to me with the idea I knew we had to get involved, it’s a great charity and one that we want to help Tom with as much as we can to help his dream of this event becoming a reality”.

For more information on the event you can email or to find out about Special Effect and the amazing work they do you can visit their website