February Half Term Holiday Code Camps Junior Game Creators Booking Now!


February Half Term Code CampThe Game Wagon Junior Game Creator coding camps are being held during the February half term holidays at various locations. Do you know a budding junior game creator?

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Mobile Minecraft Workshops from Gamewagon

Gamewagon’s month of Minecraft continues!

We know not every Minecraft fanatic can make it to North London this Summer so to coincide with the launch of our Mind Craft Workshops at That Place In The Corner, we’ve developed a way to bring the fun to you.

Mobile Minecraft workshops delivered to you by Gamewagon

Mobile Mind Craft is a 2 hour session of competitive/cooperative/creative fun, delivered in our custom-built Gamewagon vehicles, straight to your door.

Gamewagon's mobile minecraft workshops

We’ve crammed each session with unique in-game activities, designed with all ability levels in mind. And to help players get the most from Minecraft, workshops are led by our expert Game Experience Managers.

Best of all, Mobile Mind Craft is great value for money. Throughout August, we’ll a bring a 2 hour workshop to you for just £10 per child, any time of the week. All we need is somewhere to park and plugin.

And don’t forget, tickets are on sale for the full-length Mind Craft Workshops at That Place On The Corner, every Saturday and Sunday in August. Perfect for beating boredom in the Minecraft obsessed.

To book your Mobile Mind Craft Workshop, call Jack on 08453 194 263

This offer is open to any location in London and the South East throughout the month of August. To make the most of the games, we need a minimum of 8 children and a maximum of 12 can play at once.

Video Game Wagon Model Entries

Over the Christmas holidays a number of intrepid modellers created a scene from their most loved video games. All for the chance to win a video game wagon for their very own party with their friends.

Here are some of the entries that we received. Votes are almost all in and the winner will be announced shortly!

Video Game Wagon Party - Model

Level for Lego Star Wars game on the Wii – called Star Wars – Ice Galaxy Level. Competition entry from Toby & Sam.





Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

Lester is always getting into mischief. He’s not scary but clumsy the joker of the pack. Competition entry by Mia.






Video Game Wagon Party - Model

A real world Minecraft scene in a box! Competition Entry by Amelia.






Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

An amazingly detailed cake based on the Gamewagon favourite Minecraft. Competition Entry by Carla.






Video Game Wagon - Competition Entry

Mario and Marvel Superheroes vs Darth Vader and his minions. Competition entry from Andreas and Kyri.





I am sure you will all agree they are all brilliant and we are having a hard time making a final decision on the winner. However we will be announcing the winner on our Facebook page very soon – www.facebook.com/gamewagon.

The All New LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and an Old Classic Disney Universe

This Christmas, gaming headlines will be dominated by the big new consoles and their big new games. It’s an exciting time for the serious, hardcore gamer but the choice of games on offer is decidedly un-friendly to kids and families, mostly by virtue of taking themselves too seriously. It’s good to know then, that there’s life the old machines yet.

We’ve got two great games to look at, a hot new release and one you might’ve missed, both of which offer hours of adventuring fun on your XBOX 360, PS3 or Wii U (amongst others).

After this year’s Disney Infinity (a contender to the Skylanders’ throne but still unproven), we decided to take a look back at a simpler time. A time before you had to have dozens of (pricey!) plastic toys to play a  game.

Disney Universe in the Video Game Party Wagon

In 2011 saw the quiet release of Disney Universe. Mixing inspiration from games like Little Big Planet, the LEGO series and even Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, with their most popular Disney film franchises, it’s a game squarely aimed at the seven-to-eleven crowd. But that’s not to say it’s just for young lads.

Like the best Disney films, this is one for everyone; girls and boys, Mums and Dads. It’s a good job then that Disney Universe lets four players team up and take on the bad guys together. Adding and removing new players when you’re in the swing of things is tricky and it’s starting show it’s age a little in the looks department but these are minor quibbles. For a little over a tenner in most places, this is a great value package that deserves a second look.

Fast forward to the present day and we’re going hands-on with the latest instalment in the always-popular LEGO game saga, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes in the Game Wagon

Each new addition to the franchise, since its inception in 2005 with LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, has applied the formula of co-operation, collection and comedy to a huge range of pop-culture icons. From Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, the emphasis has always been on exploring the subject matter from a little, yellow, plastic perspective.

Marvel Super Heroes changes little here and adds a lot. If you’re a fan of LEGO games or Marvel characters – like Spiderman, Hulk or Thor – you’ll feel completely spoilt by what this game has to offer. Over 100 different super heroes await your control, from the popular to the obscure, each with their own special power and play-style.

You can play the whole thing alone, or have a sidekick hop in and hop out when you need a helping hand. If we had to nitpick, Gamewagon would love to have seen this expanded to four players to make it a real smash at events. If you’ve tried a LEGO game and wasn’t sold, Marvel Super Heroes probably won’t change your mind. There’s nothing to revolutionary here but there is heaps and heaps to do and you’ll have plenty of fun doing it.

Family Friendly Video Game Review – FIFA 14 Multiplayer Fun at It’s Best

FIFA 14 the video game party wagon favourite

EA’s FIFA video game has become a household name over many years now. Every year new editions come out with millions of sales in the first few days. It is not just for the boys  my daughter and her friends are FIFA players and they play every aspect of the title from skill challenges to ultimate team!

But is the latest release all that good?

Well…. Yes it is, we have taken a couple of months of game play to get a good feel on the evolution of the game in it’s current 2014 version. This year’s version does not disappoint. The graphics, and fluid play combined with the latest players creates a polished game with depth and hours of game play.

The continuous stream of updates stop FIFA getting old and means that the game is a joy to play even after months of playing; something many games fail to achieve.

The game play

There is not much more you could hope for in a computer game of football that FIFA 14 does not include. Learning from their previous games in the series EA have made the game play more deliberate and made the game feel more rewarding when a goal is scored. There is a learning curve even if you have played previous releases but the overall feel makes things more realistic.

Player opinion

After speaking with a number of dedicated FIFA 14 players the general thoughts are that the game continues to evolve and it rewards experience and practice. FIFA 14’s Ultimate Team has become a key part of the game, people literally spending more time and money on this part of the game than the game itself.


In reviews all over the world you will struggle to find a review giving the game lass than four stars. It is simply one of the best video gaming sports titles of all time.