XBOX One Price Drop
Andy at Family Gamer TV alerted us that Microsoft has lowered the retail price of the Xbox One in the UK. If you were thinking of buying one, this may be enough to  tip you over the edge and today you’ll be able to get it for £399 instead of £429. Worldwide, Microsoft is also introducing a Titanfall (new shoot’em up game PEGI 16) bundle you get the Xbox One, a digital copy of the multiplayer shooter, and a free month of Xbox Live Gold all for the same price as the console alone. Not a bad deal so soon after the launch of the new Next Gen console.

We are still watching the developments with both the PS4 and Xbox One and still absolutely adore the Nintendo WiiU for fun family friendly multiplayer games. The current pricing of the Next Gen consoles according to Amazon are as follows; Xbox One – £399, PS4 – £349 and WiiU – £217.

Given that the WiiU will allow you to continue to use your Wii controllers and still play your back catalogue of Wii games it is tough to beat in the frugality stakes. Parents of kids from 3 to 9 years could do far worse than the WiiU. Older children may find that the peer pressure to much to resist the Sony and Microsoft offerings.

We will aim to keep you posted on further developments in the battle of the consoles.

The Nintendo 2DS – Review

The Japanese gaming gods, Nintendo, have recently added a new member to the, already

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS – Perfect fit for little hands.

expansive, DS family – their range of handheld gaming gadgets, for Mario on the move.

Joining the ranks of the 3DS and 3DS XL is the Nintendo 2DS.  The 2DS joins six other products in the range, so who’s it for? With a smaller screen, fewer features and an unpopular design that does away with the trademark laptop-style folding action, it may be difficult to see the appeal of the newest model.

However, there’s a solid reason behind each revision, setting sights on the youngest audience. It’s flat, like a dual screen tablet, improving the structural strength in clumsier hands (the hinge was often the first breaking point on a long-serving DS). The glasses-free 3D has been removed to lower costs of manufacture and this is no big loss. Although technically impressive, there are only a handful of games in which the added depth really alters the experience. Nintendo actually warn against under-7s using the feature as it may be damaging to eyes that are still developing.

The whole look and feel of the 2DS is one of kid-friendly robustness that comes in red and white or blue and black. It’s a kind of my-first-Nintendo that can play the entire library of 3DS game cartridges and downloadable apps (albeit without the 3D effects). In fact, the technical specs inside the tough, new exterior are near enough identical to its bigger brothers.

Such compatibility means the 2DS is your cheapest and most accessible gateway to the fantastic back catalogue of DS games. It’s a library bursting with fun games that are often suitable for all ages.  New Super Mario Bros. 2, Pokemon X & Y, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf are a few of our favourites.

Even without the significant price drop, the Nintendo 2DS is the best choice for children under twelve who are desperate to upgrade their gaming from Mum and Dad’s tablet.

Xbox One or PS4 at Christmas – Maybe neither!

One of the most popular questions we are currently being asked is: What would you recommend, PS4 or Xbox One this Christmas?

We have gathered the thoughts of our team, families and friends to help you consider your options.

Fun and Games

We have been deliberating over the Next Gen question ourselves as we look forward to ensuring our game wagons can provide the best video game party games. In our opinion these are the most important points to consider: what games do you like to play? What games are available? Do you want family fun or individual game play?

A console in its own right offers very little. As we started using the Xbox One we suddenly found many of the Apps that we were used to having on the Xbox 360 were not available yet! It felt a little disappointing. It certainly may be worth waiting rather than diving in as an early adopter.

Microsoft has put a huge amount of effort in trying to “own the living room” with their all-in-one multimedia device. We have to say that it becomes a little laughable as you try and get the whole family to be able to watch normal TV through the console, let alone play a few games. In fact in our home we have reverted back to using the good old remote rather than trying to get everyone to grips with the voice recognition.

It’s also worth considering the availability of games. If you do not have a console and this is your first forage into the world of video games then it may still be prudent to not jump on the PS4 and Xbox One bandwagon. There is nothing worse than buying a console and then having to wait for enough age appropriate games to make it really enjoyable.

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