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See how much fun kids have inside the Gamewagon

The Ultimate Video Game Birthday Party

Are you stuck for something new and different to do for your child’s next Birthday party? Have they outgrown the traditional party favourites like pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs and musical statues? Is pass the parcel just passé?

Gamewagon’s boys birthday parties are fast becoming legendary – they are so much fun!

Brand New, Fun & Unique Party Concept

Gamewagon is here and it is our mission to bring the birthday party well and truly into the 21st century.

Everyone knows kids love playing video games and our Gamewagons are a unique social environment where kids can play the games they love together, comfortably, relaxed and safely with their friends.

An Epic Party!

A Gamewagon birthday party is a controlled event where the Birthday boy or girl and their friends play games appropriate to their age together.

Our GEM (Game Experience Manager) is there to help the boys with the various games, offer hints and tips and to make everything run smoothly so everyone has the most fun.

We have worked hard to find the best party games and will plan the party based on the games that your child and their friends will enjoy most and split the party into a number of different gaming activities. We start in a structured manner and then adapt as needed by the group.


See below for some of our exciting birthday party ideas.

FIFA Football Birthday Party

FIFA 15 PartyIs your child a fiend on the football pitch? Boys and girls love our Fifa football parties – even those that aren’t huge Fifa fans:

We take up to 12 kids and run a mini-championship in co-op mode. This basically means that we have 6 teams of 2 boys to battle it out. The best part is they all play together.

Each team is controlled by 2 people so they have to co-operate. This levels the playing field and makes the game much more fun.

It also gives them a new experience as they won’t normally have played in co-op mode before and it is a much more inclusive way to play.

It really is great to watch them having such fun together – watch the video at the top of the page to see for yourself!

Mario Kart Birthday Party

MarioKart8 PartyIs anything more fun for kids than Mario Kart?

With Mario Kart we generally set up a grad prix and let the kids have a little fun trying to gain pole position. The game is brilliant at levelling the playing field and even those that have not played soon find themselves whooping with delight.

Each screen has up to 4 players and they can all play against each other over a series of races.

Mario Kart is easy to play and is a mixture of skill, fun, tactics and luck – being the best driver won’t help if someone has saved a power up for the final straight.

The great thing about Mario Kart is that everyone can play and anyone can win so the kids love it.

12 players can race against each other simultaneously in the Gamewagon with Mario Kart so everyone is involved in the fun all the time.

Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft XBOX 360 ReviewSurvive, build, explore, craft and play together in lightning smooth multiplayer mode. Everybody is involved, everyone learns and everyone has fun.

Each screen can have 4 players all creating and crafting in their own worlds. We pit teams against each other to create the best house, castle, village. We can work in survival mode or creative to suit the experience level of the group.

Minecraft 360 brings a social element to the game loved by so many. Play with or against your friends and show off your crafting skills all together.

Do not take our word for it!

Kids love it… Awesome concept… Stress free for me…

Clare S, MiniMozart, Highgate

Perfect, worth every penny, new and different… couldn’t fault it…

Victoria W, Surrey

Easiest party ever… no stress, no mess… the kids loved it…

Kathryn J, Herts

Best Party Ever!

A Gamewagon video game party is a fun-filled event for up to 15 (we do offer a discount if more than one vehicle is required for larger groups) held in our unique Game Wagon video game truck.

All our parties are run by our fully-trained and CRB checked Game Experience Managers so that any party is controlled fun and safe event. See the video above to look at a Gamewagon party in full-flow and see how much fun they are having.

The GEM (Game Experience Manager) is always on-hand to ensure that everyone is involved in the fun and to help the players out when needed – they are also gaming experts.

Party Games They Want to Play

We carry dozens of the latest video games for xbox 360, Playstation and WiiU in our Gamewagons as well as the tried and trusted favourites. Our stock of games is updated as frequently as new games are released and we test them for suitability for the party entertainment.

We put our children’s parties together with a combination of different games and activities to keep the party moving and keep everyone involved and entertained at all times.

Gamewagon Party Trucks

Party Truck, Party Bus, Party Wagon?

The Gamewagon is a load full of fun whatever you decide to call it. Kids love the Game Wagon as they are able to play the video games they love but with all their friends which makes it a unique social occasion as they rarely get to do this.

Parents love it because it really is a no stress, no mess party solution. You just arrange the time and we bring the party to you. It really is that simple.

We also ensure that the kids are only allowed to play age appropriate games.


If you have any questions about the Game Wagon or our video game parties then please call us on:-

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