Family Friendly Minecraft Server Registration

Family Friendly Minecraft Server FriendsFamily Friendly Minecraft Server Registration

A Minecraft user name is required for your child. You can register for one with Mojang at

What is involved in the registration process? After submitting the form below we will send you an e-mail with details on how to finalise your subscription and gain access. Make sure you are comfortable with our rules and guidelines that ensure our family friendly server remains a friendly and co-operative place to learn. Click here to review >>

We match the information you provide on the form below with your payment details and only then add your child’s details to our list of permitted users. If there are any issues we will call you directly.

How much does it cost?  There is an annual  subscription of £1 (use your Paypal subscription page to cancel as needed). There is no commitment to attend future events and your subscription can be cancelled at any time. We have kept the initial subscription low and as flexible as possible and then you can decide how many of our hosted events to attend. These events are held on a regular basis with each having a different focus and theme.

Minecraft Registration