Game wagon Video Game Awards – Q&A

Game wagon video game awards 2015Game wagon Family Video Game Awards Questions & Answers.

Can I get nominated in more than one category? Yes as long as you are nominated you can be in as many categories as applicable.

Can I nominate myself? No, but nice try!

Can people nominate more than once? Yes people can nominate in all the categories but only one provider can be nominated in each category. If two are nominated the first one is taken.

Can people nominate more than once? You can only vote one time so if someone wants to vote in several different categories they need to be done in one go. Subsequent application from the same IP will be ignored.

Can I nominate via email? No, only the online nomination form can be used so we can ensure we collect all necessary data in one place.

Can I vote on behalf of my gamers? No – nominations will be monitored & multiple votes or nominations from one person will be disregarded.

How many nominations are needed in each category to go through to the voting stage? Five nominations in a category are required to progress to the voting stage.

Is there a fee to enter? Not at all, these awards are designed to be inclusive for all developers large and small.

How can I generate nominations/votes? Social media, word of mouth, newsletters, blog posts and by encouraging your gamers.

Where should I display the logo? Anywhere you like, stand proud as your gamers have nominated you.  Your email sign off, on your website, on your social media, via your blog etc. Start using the logo as soon as it is received & of course you may continue to display it once the awards have closed.

When do nominations & voting start & end?

  • Nominations open 31st May
  • Nominations close 31st July
  • Voting opens 1st August
  • Voting closes 31st August
  • Awards Announced 7th September

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