Game wagon Family Video Game Awards

Gamewagon Fleet now at 10The 2015 Gamewagon Family Video Game Awards celebrate the very best family friendly video games.

Gamewagon has become a trusted advisor to over 30,000 families across London and the South East over the past three years for all things video game related. From amazing kids parties to inspirational code clubs, Gamewagon’s team of talented entertainers understand and support a nation of family gamers. The Game wagon Annual Awards reward, celebrate and recognise those games that are providing the very best in family friendly gaming.

Game wagon video game awards 2015

By recognising these games you will be reminding the video game industry of the huge demand for age appropriate and family friendly games.

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Game wagon Family Video Game Award Categories

This year, there are 12 Awards categories in the Game wagon family video game awards representing the full range of video games created for kids, and parents across the UK.

  • Best Platform Game
  • Best Sports Game
  • Best Adventure Game
  • Best Driving Game
  • Best Multiplayer Game – Sponsored by Gamewagon
  • Best iOS Game (includes iPhone & iPad)
  • Best Android Game (includes phone & tablet)
  • Best Educational Game – Sponsored by Junior Game Creators
  • Best XBOX Game (includes XBOX One)
  • Best Playstation Game (Includes PS4)
  • Best Wii Game (Includes WiiU)
  • Best Handheld Game (Includes DS, 3DS and PSP / Vita)

If you are a video game publisher you may want to read our Questions & Answers page. If you are a parent then please click the button below to nominate your favourite family friendly video games.

Nominate Your Favourite Video Games Here

Our Gamewagon Family Video Game Award Sponsors

Junior Game Creators

Junior Game CreatorsJunior Game Creators is a family of fun, educational clubs and workshops designed to kickstart kids interest in computer science through video games.


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