Gamewagon Video Game Awards – Nominations

Game wagon video game awards 2015Gamewagon Video Game Awards Nomination Page

Thank you for considering nominating a game or games in our Game wagon family video game awards 2015.

These awards are for the very best in family friendly video games to be recognised but we couldn’t do it without nominations and votes from YOU – the experts!

We expect over 50,000 nominations this year so competition will be fierce. Make sure your family favourites are in the running – it’s that simple.

Nominations will close on Friday 31st July ready for the voting stages and the 2015 Awards will be notified a week after the voting finishes on Monday 31st August.

Nominate your favourites below! And don’t forget, just by nominating you could win a Game Wagon party or a Junior Game Creator workshop.

Let your friends know you have voted on Facebook or Twitter using the post;

@gamewagon We’ve nominated in the #GamewagonVideoGameAwards 

and we might be seeing you very soon! Winners of the Gamewagon party and Junior Game Creators workshop will be notified on our Facebook page on Friday 31st July in time for the Summer Holidays.

PLEASE NOTE – you can only nominate ONCE so make sure you vote in ALL the categories you want to below. Enter the nominees you wish to go through to the voting stages for each award category or leave the box blank if you do not wish to nominate in that award category:

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