Minecraft Escape Room Package

Up to 6 players!

60 minutes to escape!*

Facilitated by an Enhanced DBS certified host

Unique physical challenges and mental puzzles


Compatible across Win 10 PC, PlayStation 4/5, XBOX One / Series X, Nintendo Switch, iOS/Android Devices & Fire/Fire TV**

*Escape not guaranteed!
**Minimum console requirement. MacOS, JAVA Edition, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons & other outdated versions are unsupported.   

How it Works

Connect cross-platform with all your friends in the Gamewagon UK Minecraft Realm. Available to most devices & consoles with a copy of Microsoft Minecraft (Bedrock)

Console players will require an active online subscriptions* relevant to their device. 

Please note: An additional Laptop, Phone or Tablet is preferable to join the Zoom video chat!

*XBOX One see: Game Pass / Xbox Live Gold

*Nintendo Switch see: Nintendo Online

*PlayStation see: PlayStation Plus

Murder Mansion

Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate

Imprisoned against your will, can you survive the perils of this spooky Manor and escape before you're served for dinner!?

Full of fun puzzles and obstacles, this challenge is great for new/younger players and families. 

Space Escape

Difficulty : Advanced

Drifting without power in deep space, will your crew return to Earth safely or will the ship become your grave?

Inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, blast off on  this adventure for young teens & experienced players. 

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How to Book​

Choose a date and time slot*. Once approved, we'll send you a confirmation email with invitations to your event!

Guests will need to complete the RSVP linked on the invitation in advance and complete their setup before your event starts in order to join.

Technical support available to you and all guests from booking to completion!

*If you can't find a timeslot that works for you please get in touch!