Minecraft Halloween Events

Join Gamewagon this Halloween for spooky haunts and thrills!


Survive a night in the Wicked Wood - our brand new immersive horror experience. Alone in the dark, everything is not as it seems....

Channel your ninja parkour skills and take to the rooftops in Noxcrew's "Ninjas of Zombie City". Rescue fellow ninja's, complete supply runs and battle creepy Zombie Bosses! 

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Minecraft 30_09_2021 15_55_15.png

Compatible across Win 10 PC, PlayStation 4/5, XBOX One/Series X, Nintendo Switch, iOS/Android Devices & Fire/Fire TV*


Console players will require active online subscriptions** relevant to their device. 

Please note: An additional Laptop, Phone or Tablet is necessary to join the video chat!

*Minimum console requirement. MacOS, JAVA Edition, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons & other outdated versions are unsupported.   

**XBOX One: see Game Pass / Xbox Live Gold

**Nintendo Switch: see Nintendo Online

**PlayStation: see PlayStation Plus

Dates & Times


Monday 25th - Friday 29th October


10am - 2pm (including half hour lunch break) 

Spaces limited to 10 participants per day.

Only £39.99 !

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How to Book​

Choose which session suits you best and complete the booking form. Once approved, we'll send you a confirmation email.

Additional information will follow to complete your setup in advance and get connected to our virtual spaces. 

Technical support is available at request from booking to completion!