Minecraft Server Access Request Submitted

Family Friendly Minecraft ServerMany Thanks

For requesting access to Gamewagon’s Family Friendly Minecraft servers. We are great believers that gaming is better when played together and the Minecraft phenomenon is no different. Your request will be reviewed by one of our Game Experience Managers.

Before your account is activated please subscribe using the button below. Your subscription of £1 is for annual access to events that we hold on a regular basis. We do charge a small fee of £1 to attend these scheduled events as we feel this is the best way moderate and support our minecrafters in focused sessions.

Your subscription can be cancelled at any point using Paypal or calling us (0800 088 6510) at any point.

Payment Options

We take great care to ensure registered users are who they say they are and are willing and able to support our family friendly community. If there are any issues then we will call you directly.