The Ultimate Girls Birthday Party

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Are you stuck for something new and different to do for your daughter’s next birthday party?

girl's gaming birthday party

Has she outgrown the traditional party favourites like princess make overs, build a bear and musical statues? Is pass the parcel just passé?

A party your daughter and her friends won’t forget, the ultimate girl’s party idea!

Gamewagon TM girls birthday parties are legendary – they are so much fun!

We offer a huge list of girl themed games and group activities to choose from that are PEGI rated and age appropriate.

Take all the hassle out of party planning, we bring the party to you!


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Girls Video Game Birthday Party Details

A girl’s birthday party by Gamewagon is a fun-filled event for up to 15 girls held in our unique Game Wagon video gaming bus / wagon.

All our girl’s parties are run by our fully-trained and CRB checked Game Experience Managers so that any party for girls is a controlled fun and safe event.

The GEM (Game Experience Manager) is always on-hand to ensure that everyone is involved in the fun and to help the players out when needed – they are also gaming and technology experts, so you can relax.


Brand New Party Concept – A video game wagon!

Gamewagon is here and it is our mission to bring the birthday party well and truly into the Game wagon girls birthday party idea21st century. Whilst at the same time making organising a birthday party far less stressful than ever before.

Everyone knows girls love playing video games just as much as the boys and our video game wagons are a unique social environment where kids can play the games they love together, comfortably, relaxed and safely with their friends.

The Secret to Video Game Party Success

The key is making sure that any games used have an inclusive multiplayer mode that gets everyone involved. Not every game is made for a party atmosphere and our Game wagon GEMs know what works and how to get everyone involved and jumping!

We know the games that make our events come alive and can advise you on the suitability of other games you may request. We carry dozens of the latest video games for PS4, XBOX One, xbox 360, and the latest WiiU  in our Gamewagons as well as the tried and trusted favourites.

Our stock of games is updated as frequently as new games are released. We put our parties together with a combination of different games and activities to keep the party moving and keep everyone involved and entertained at all times.


Best Party Ever!

A Gamewagon birthday party for girls is a controlled event where the Birthday girl and herGamewagon reviews friends play games appropriate to their age together.

Our GEM (Game Experience Manager) is there to help the girls with the various games, offer hints and tips and to make everything run smoothly so everyone has fun.

We will plan the party based on the games that your daughter and her friends enjoy most and split the party into a number of different gaming activities.

We start in a structured manner and then adapt as needed by the group.    


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We typically book up a month in advance but it is always worth a last minute call as Gamewagon has the largest fleet of Video Gaming Bus / Wagons in the UK.


Gamewagon Video Game Party Bus - Every Console, Every Game, Everywhere