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Explore Virtual Worlds at a Fortnite Birthday Party

Developed by Epic Games and first released in 2017, Fortnite makes it easy to compete with other players online. Boasting three modes of gameplay, it’s an award-winning action game that’s ideal for virtual parties. Your kids can easily connect from their homes and meet in Zoom to see and hear their friends.

As the UK’s favourite gaming company, Gamewagon Limited offers a number of options for your party.

That includes virtual Fortnite birthday parties which are ideal for up to 10 players. Cost-effective and easy to hold anywhere, it’s the perfect entertainment during those dark winter months.

Our Fortnite parties involve 90 minutes of play and are facilitated by an enhanced DBS certified party host. Each party involves a mixture of games and challenges, including:

  • Capture the Flag

  • Wild West Shootout

  • Jungle Base Capture

  • Inspirations from HALO and Call of Duty

All guests need is an additional laptop, phone or tablet so they can join the live video chat with Zoom. In order to book your birthday party, simply choose a date and time slot. We also have a games wagon which can be driven to your home or venue. This is one of the best all-weather solutions, especially during the winter months.

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