Rays of Sunshine and GameWagon grant Logan’s greatest wish.

A video game-mad eight year old, from Birmingham, was treated to a very special video game party at his house to celebrate finishing his treatment for cancer, thanks to Rays of Sunshine and GameWagon.

gamewagon grants Logan's wish for a video game party.

From left is Keaira Hancock, 6, Logan Smith, 8, Mark Phillips of Game Wagon, Finley Smith, 7, and Kesi Bram, 2.

Eight year old Logan was living with a rare form of cancer; Rhabdomyosarcoma, which he was diagnosed with earlier this year. Since diagnosis, Logan has endured surgery to remove the cancerous tumour, as well as intense chemotherapy, which has meant he spent a lot of time in hospital. During which, Logan became particularly interested in gaming, playing games such as MineCraft during his long hospital visits.

After his treatment came to an end earlier this month, Logan’s mum applied for a wish through children’s charity Rays of Sunshine, for Logan to be treated to his very own celebratory gaming party.  The charityenlisted the support of GameWagon, who didn’t hesitate to organise for one of its custom-built fleet to go to Logan’s house, bringing the party to his doorstep and granting his wish. During the fun-filled afternoon, Logan was able to play all of his favourite video games alongside his family.

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Playing video games with just your eyes!

SpecialEffect launch their first ever crowdfunding project – ‘PLAYING WITH YOUR EYES’

Our charity partners SpecialEffect aims to raise £6,000  in order to purchase one new specialist Eye Control unit. This equipment will help many people with severe disabilities to enjoy and play games, levelling the playing field and creating a better quality of life. If they raise double the amount, SpecialEffect will buy two of these amazing pieces of equipment.

Special Effect Crowd Sourcing

Eye Control technology can be particularly helpful for those suffering from locked-in syndrome, motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy amongst many others conditions. Together with the technical and medical expertise of the SpecialEffect team, Eye Control technology can not only enable people to access and play games, but assist with rehabilitation, build self-esteem and help create a better quality of life through playing games.

And here’s what a difference that Special Effect can make – “The look on Henry’s face when he first used the eye-gaze to control something on screen was indescribable… for the first time he could play with something completely on his own. It was a landmark moment for us as a family.” Rob, Henry’s Dad.

CEO of SpecialEffect, Dr Mick Donegan commented – “We set up, create, lend and support the use of specialist games controllers from our library of equipment. Everyone we work with is different. Some of the people we work with find it difficult or impossible to control parts of their body other than their eyes. In these instances we use computers which are controlled just by moving your eyes.”

“The demand for this work is growing all the time, so we are asking the people to help SpecialEffect through crowdfunding. The PLAYING WITH YOUR EYES project will help us meet this growing demand and enable us to purchase this very special piece of eye-controlled equipment in order to reach and help more and more people with disabilities to play games”

The crowdfunding project PLAYING WITH YOUR EYES launches on Gambitious at 10am on 13th September 2013 and will run for 30 days until Saturday 12th October 2013 and you can watch the video and pledge your support here –http://gambitious.com/projects/3530-playing-with-your-eyes

View the following video to see what amazing work the Special Effect team achieve;

Support For Special Effect

Special Effect has invited teams from across the games industry to a charity five-a-side football tournament on 5th September 2013, taking place in the shadow of Wembley Stadium. Gamewagon will be fielding a side and also sponsoring the Fair Play Award.

Gaming charity SpecialEffect has today announced their five-a-side football tournament to take place the 5th September 2013. The tournament will be a Champions League format, played within walking distance of Wembley Stadium at the Wembley Stadium Power League venue. As well as a trophy up for grabs, prizes will also be given to the winning team supplied by the Games Industry and players will get the chance to win signed football memorabilia in the event raffle.

Gamewagon has supported Special Effect since visiting the head quarters and seeing the magical moments they create in people lives. If you have not seen what they do take a look at their web page www.specialeffect.org.uk.

First Touch Games have kindly agreed to become match ball sponsors for the event with New Star Games sponsoring the Star Man player of the Tournament and Gamewagon sponsoring the fair play trophy. All three companies have also entered teams alongside the likes of Gamer Network, Codemasters Racing Studio, Konami, and Marmalade.

You can offer your support for the amazing work that special effect do at www.justgiving.com/SpecialEffectWembley. We will keep you posted on our progress and hopefully have some photos to display although I feel the trophy may be a step too far!!!

Special Effect inspires Gamewagon Team

Special Effect inspires Gamewagon Team

Final preparations are complete. On Sunday the Gamewagon team embark on a challenge to help raise money for Special Effect. A very special charity that allows people young and old to overcome adversity and enjoy video games with their friends and family. We are running a 15K cross country Kamikaze run complete with underground tunnels, barbed wire marsh crawl and river crossings! All for a good cause.

Special Effect are a small group of volunteers that make a big difference. Never heard of them? Not surprising with so many large well known charities with huge budgets  able to command so much attention.

Take a moment to watch the video below to see the magic moments the Special Effect team create everyday.  By raising a little money we hope to enable Special Effect to help more children like Henry (in the video below) benefit from technology for a better quality of life.

He’s five, and his cerebral palsy severely restricts his speech and movement. It means that he’s not able to take part in active play, and up to now he’s just had to watch his brothers have fun.  SpecialEffect set Henry up with an eyegaze computer to enable him to have fun and his Dad, Rob was over the moon.

‘For the first time he could play with something completely ‘on his own’. It was a landmark moment for us as a family’

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Many thanks to all those that have sponsored us so far, if you have not managed to do so yet then please click the following link and contribute a little something to help this very special charity.

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