Special Effect inspires Gamewagon Team

Special Effect inspires Gamewagon Team

Final preparations are complete. On Sunday the Gamewagon team embark on a challenge to help raise money for Special Effect. A very special charity that allows people young and old to overcome adversity and enjoy video games with their friends and family. We are running a 15K cross country Kamikaze run complete with underground tunnels, barbed wire marsh crawl and river crossings! All for a good cause.

Special Effect are a small group of volunteers that make a big difference. Never heard of them? Not surprising with so many large well known charities with huge budgets  able to command so much attention.

Take a moment to watch the video below to see the magic moments the Special Effect team create everyday.  By raising a little money we hope to enable Special Effect to help more children like Henry (in the video below) benefit from technology for a better quality of life.

He’s five, and his cerebral palsy severely restricts his speech and movement. It means that he’s not able to take part in active play, and up to now he’s just had to watch his brothers have fun.  SpecialEffect set Henry up with an eyegaze computer to enable him to have fun and his Dad, Rob was over the moon.

‘For the first time he could play with something completely ‘on his own’. It was a landmark moment for us as a family’

Watch the video here >>

Many thanks to all those that have sponsored us so far, if you have not managed to do so yet then please click the following link and contribute a little something to help this very special charity.

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