Gamewagon’s Family Friendly Minecraft Server

Gamewagon’s Family Friendly Minecraft Server launched at the start of the summer holidays. It allows your children are able to play on their favourite game in a safe and secure multiplayer World. We run weekly sessions with our Game Experience Managers taking the lead in a time focused way setting challenges, helping educate and running competitions.

Family Friendly Minecraft Server

Gamewagon’s Family Friendly Minecraft Server

At Gamewagon we truly believe that gaming is better together. We have proven this with our video game parties that bring everyone together for sociable, fun and interactive experiences that are really difficult to replicate at home.

Minecraft is a phenomenon that you will have done well to avoid. It is like a massive Lego set with interactivity, physics, engineering, exploration, communication, creativity and good old fun to boot.



Many kids will have played on iPads, iPhones and some others on Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles (it has also just been launched  on the Next Gen consoles – PS4 and XboxOne). The Apple iOS versions are quick fixes and focus on individual game play. On the Xbox and PS3 friends can be invited to play together, if they are in your friends list.

However, on the MAC and PC versions Minecraft opens up huge worlds with hundreds even thousands of people playing in massive worlds. Some of these worlds are open worlds where anyone can join. Others servers have a level of protection and features that make them family friendly, allegedly!

As a parent this opens up a number of concerns; Is there bad language? Is the behaviour appropriate? Are these people who they say they are? How safe are my children online? Can I trust the companies hosting these worlds?

We are often asked for our opinion and for that reason we have decided to create our very own Family Friendly Minecraft Server managed and moderated by our Game Experience Managers.


There are other family-friendly servers. Gamewagon has a high touch validation process to focus on safety of all our players in our community.

REGISTRATION PROCESS: Every customer wishing to use the Gamewagon Minecraft server must submit a request to join, as well as agreeing to follow the world’s rules. Every request is checked by a real person, Mojang account names validated and credit card details confirmed against registration details before being added to our list of validated users (known as a Whitelist).

CHAT MONITORING: One of the most popular reasons joining Gamewagon’s family friendly Minecraft world is to protect your kids from bad language, usually found on open servers. We maintain a strict chat censor that monitors every word, and turns an offending user offline. Our Game Experience Managers are trained on how to promote positive online behaviour and act as guides in Gamewagon’s online Minecraft world.

HIGH TOUCH PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: In any cases of misbehaviour or not understanding the World’s rules, our GEMs work directly with you (Parent or Carer) in the communication process. This ensures that any undesirable actions are not continued and it is clear what they may have done wrong, why it’s an issue, and how they can continue to play in our world. Persistent offenders will be taken offline and will understand why.

APPROPRIATE TIME LIMITS: Balance in video gaming is important, too much time spent on any one thing can become a problem. We realise this and have implemented appropriate timings to help you manage your child’s access. The Gamewagon servers will be active during specific events that we advertise on a regular basis.

Anyone that has had a Gamewagon Party can request free access after their party. Their friends can join for a small  fee of £1 per annum and then they can attend our published events. We feel this is the best way to deliver a focused and fun event with the correct level of moderation and support.

Peace of Mind: As a parent or carer you can be reassured that your kids are playing in a secure, safe and protected environment, moderated by the same Game Experience managers that run our fantastic birthday parties.


We look forward to seeing you and your family online. Gaming is fun but Gamewagon makes gaming better by bring people together.