Gamewagon Supports Charity FIFA Tournament

Gamewagon Sponsors Special Effect and Frome FC FIFA Tournament

Gamewagon Sponsors Frome FC FIFA Tournament for Special EffectA special partnership has been formed by local gamer Tom Clark and Frome Town Football Club who will be holding a charity FIFA15 tournament at their Venue & Sports Bar.

The event will be in aid of Special Effect, and it coincides with their GAMEBLAST 15 event. Special Effect is a charity who put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with a physical disability by helping them to play video games by using technology ranging from modified joypads to eye-control. In turn this helps brings families and friends together and has a profoundly positive impact on therapy, confidence and rehabilitation.

Tom, 25 and from Frome, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy that has left him with little movement, and he has been one of the lucky recipients from the Special Effect charity meaning he has been able to once again play computer games and in particular a love of FIFA15 by EA Sports.

Gamewagon Sponsors FIFA Tournament for Special Effect

As well as gaming Tom also has a passion for Frome Town Football Club and is seen regular at home and away games so he decided to bring two passions together:

“I had this idea of a gaming event but wasn’t sure really where to go with it so I contacted Ian Pearce whose the Managing Director of Frome Town to see if they had any thoughts and I was delighted when they offered the use of their facilities for no cost and also agreed to help in the organisation of the event. Since then things have really taken off and we have the backing of Special Effect and they are also using their contacts with the likes of EA Sports to really help make this take off”.

The event will be open to just 64 entrants who will each have to raise a minimum of £20 sponsorship to enter and it will be held on Sunday 22nd February 2015 from 10am and will see qualifying rounds leading up to knock out stages and the grand final on the clubs large 13ft screen.

Tom went on to say: “We were looking for sponsors for the event and donation of prizes for winners.  John Lilley of Gamewagon was on the phone in a shot to help out and are now our lead sponsor. Gamewagon is helping provide the XBOX 360’s and screens. This is a sensational effort.”

John Lilley said:

“We are huge supporters of what Special Effect does and stands for. They bring families together and create magic moments that many thought would not be possible. Many families take playing games together for granted. We see that SpecialEffect shares our vision to make gaming better by bringing people together.”

Hosting the event was an easy decision for Frome Town said Ian: “I’ve known Tom for many years and as soon as he came to me with the idea I knew we had to get involved, it’s a great charity and one that we want to help Tom with as much as we can to help his dream of this event becoming a reality”.

For more information on the event you can email or to find out about Special Effect and the amazing work they do you can visit their website

Support For Special Effect

Special Effect has invited teams from across the games industry to a charity five-a-side football tournament on 5th September 2013, taking place in the shadow of Wembley Stadium. Gamewagon will be fielding a side and also sponsoring the Fair Play Award.

Gaming charity SpecialEffect has today announced their five-a-side football tournament to take place the 5th September 2013. The tournament will be a Champions League format, played within walking distance of Wembley Stadium at the Wembley Stadium Power League venue. As well as a trophy up for grabs, prizes will also be given to the winning team supplied by the Games Industry and players will get the chance to win signed football memorabilia in the event raffle.

Gamewagon has supported Special Effect since visiting the head quarters and seeing the magical moments they create in people lives. If you have not seen what they do take a look at their web page

First Touch Games have kindly agreed to become match ball sponsors for the event with New Star Games sponsoring the Star Man player of the Tournament and Gamewagon sponsoring the fair play trophy. All three companies have also entered teams alongside the likes of Gamer Network, Codemasters Racing Studio, Konami, and Marmalade.

You can offer your support for the amazing work that special effect do at We will keep you posted on our progress and hopefully have some photos to display although I feel the trophy may be a step too far!!!

Gamewagon Kamikaze run for Special Effect

In a few days the Gamewagon team will be undergoing a tortuous event to raise money for a very special charity. Special Effect are a team that help give everyone the opportunity to play video games, regardless of any disability and they create magic moments in peoples lives. Please, take a moment to read and learn a little more about what Special Effect does below and then there is a link to make a donation to spur us on to complete our Kamikaze event.

It is difficult to put in words the special moments that Special Effect create in peoples lives and what it means to the children and adults that they help have experiences that we take for granted. Watch these videos to learn a little more;

Special Effect Overview – Game on for everyone
Ellie’s Story – Back in the game
Charlotte’s Story – Getting back in the game

We will be putting ourselves through one of the most physically demanding experiences of our lives this Sunday, May 19th: The Pippingford Kamikaze 2013. It’s a nightmarish 8 mile slog through a sea of mud, hills, ponds, lakes, and rivers. We are up for it but in reality we are dreading it.

Here are some of the obstacles that we will be looking to overcome;

Raising Money for Special Effect
1. 15km of countryside (Longest run of the year for us so far).

2. The Bog – A river of oozing mud.

3. Barbed wire swamp crawl – Does what it says on the tin!

4. Dark Tunnels – Buried tubes so dark that the devil himself would not enter.

5. Grease Wall & Balance Beam – Once greased up you then balance or fall to oblivion.

We hope that you will make our suffering worthwhile by donating a few pounds to help this small, amazing charity help even more disabled gamers.  Their work is truly life-changing. And the more money we raise, the more lives they can change.

So please donate whatever you can and then we promise not to come round to clean off at your place afterwards!!!

Click the following link to make a donation – Gamewagon Just Giving