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Game wagon FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Game wagon TM

How does a Gamewagon Video Game party  work? Basically you make a booking and one of our Game Experience Managers (GEM) drives the Gamewagon to your location of choice, runs the party for you and then drives it away again at the end – no hassle – no stress – no mess – just fun.

How long does a Gamewagon Party last? As long as you like, but we do have a minimum of 90 minutes. Different age groups have different needs depending on their experience in playing different games. Under 8 and 90 minutes is the ideal, over 8 and they tend to focus better and like to have more time. It is your call on how long you would like our video game wagon to be with you.

How much space will I need for a Gamewagon Video Game Party? A Gamewagon will take a little less space than 2 cars parked back to back so will generally fit on a standard driveway or in 2 spaces. These are not trailers they are specifically designed to be able to reach 95% of homes even in densely populated areas.

How many people can play in the Gamewagon? Up to 16 guests can play simultaneously inside the wagon. We find that children of age 8 and under benefit from a smaller group size as many are still getting used to console controls and controllers.

We can also provide more than one Gamewagon and have had parties with over 30 kids! They are great fun if you have the space.

How do I know my child is playing a game appropriate to his or her age? Our Game Experience Manager will have a list of the games and their ratings. We are aware that many families are cautious about what games their children are allowed to play. It is not really fair to exclude someone or expose someone to games that are age inappropriate.

We find that once everyone is playing and involved the group has a great time regardless of the games. It is just the fact they can all play together.

My son wants to play a 16 game but is only 14 – is it illegal? Recent changes to the law mean that the BBFC ratings have been dropped and that we must by law only provide games that are age-appropriate according to the PEGI ratings classification.

Do adults have to be present at the children’s party? It is not mandatory however we do like to have an adult present at the location during the course of the party.

Do I provide you with power etc? Ideally yes, we run an extension lead into your property, however if this is not possible we can hire generator for your event.

Is the Gamewagon safe? Completely.  We only use specially fitted Mercedes Benz extra long wheelbase sprinter vans as our Gamewagons.  Our Game Experience Managers carry out our risk-assessment for every vehicle each day they are in use.

Is the Gamewagon Air-Conditioned? Yes the Gamewagon has air-conditioning and heating so is a comfortable environment year-round.

When I send the registration form is my booking guaranteed? No, your booking is only guaranteed once Gamewagon have processed your deposit payment.

Do I have to put in the Games and show people how to play? No, that is all handled by our Game Experience Manager.

Are your Game Experience Managers CRB checked? Yes, all of our GEMs are Enhanced DBS checked.

Are food and party drinks provided? No, and we do not allow food or drink inside the Gamewagons because of the electrical equipment. Many families have put tables outside with nibbles and drink for during the event and often order pizza for after to keep things nice and simple.

How far in advance do I need to book? As far in advance as possible but always give us a call even if it’s only a couple of days before as we may have a slot open up. We are currently tending to book up two weeks in advance for weekends with more availability Monday – Friday for after school events typically running from 4.30pm to 6pm.

I don’t quite understand – do you drive around while the games are being played? No, whilst a party is on the Gamewagon is completely stationary and anchored down – once in play it is a video gaming theatre.

What if someone doesn’t know how to play a particular game? That’s what the GEM (Game Experience Manager) is there for, during the party the GEM will offer help and gaming advice to anyone who needs it (they’re gaming experts).

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