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Full payment is required to confirm any service (incl. VAT). In light of any government restrictions that mean we are unable to operate this will be a credit that you can use any time over the following 18 months or put towards a virtual party or virtual workshops.


Gamewagon is not responsible for costs incurred to third parties, or host/guest failure to meet event requirements. The Host should read all information regarding party requirements prior to booking.

Virtual events and services must be booked no later than 72 hours before the event. This guarantees the minimum appropriate amount of time to manage guest’s technical setup prior to and event. Bookings made within 72 hours of events come with no guarantee.



Refunds & Cancellations


Gamewagon reserves the right to terminate its services at any time. In the event we are unable or otherwise prevented from providing a service, Gamewagon will seek to postpone/reschedule. If rescheduling is unsuccessful, on a case by case basis a refund up to the full amount of services may be issued.


In any circumstance the Host may need to alter their booking, Gamewagon may seek to postpone or reschedule. In this event, the Host agrees to provide the maximum amount of notice available. Gamewagon will aim to provide flexible, no-cost rescheduling of services.


Gamewagon reserves the right to withhold the maximum amount of deposits for cancellations made at short notice and/or for costs incurred in delivery of its services.


Gamewagon reserves the right to refuse any refund after services have been provided.  




If the Host or their guests have any concern with any service, they must notify Gamewagon immediately. Gamewagon ensures to take feedback very seriously to ensure safety and quality of service.


Gamewagon will implement actions with immediate effect following complete assessment of feedback & complaints.




Gamewagon highest responsibility is for the safety of our guests.


All Gamewagon employees carry an enhanced DBS certification. Gamewagon employees are instructed to perform tasks with a priority for health and safety and child safeguarding.


Gamewagon employees may remove persons from events who are deemed to be a danger or risk to the safety or enjoyment of others.


The Host agrees to support their Game Experience Manager in the performance of their safeguarding duties and respect their authority inside all game environments.


Gamewagon is not liable for issues which may arise from failure to comply with the instructions of appointed Gamewagon employees.


Gamewagon has a zero-tolerance policy for smoking, drugs, or alcohol at our events. Anyone suspected to be under the influence may be asked to leave and in extreme circumstance reported to the relevant authorities.




The Host accepts that they support our stance on age appropriate gaming.


Gamewagon is not obligated to provide any content deemed inappropriate for the ages of the children under our supervision. This fact applies even with the expressed permission of the Host, guests, and parents.


The Host is responsible for obtaining permission from the guardians of guests in any event or request where Gamewagon provides content recommended or certificated above the age of guests. Gamewagon is not liable if misinformed or mislead with regards to consent being provided for all guests.



Console & Online Features


Gamewagon is not liable for any negative impact on the experience of the host and their guests due to failure of services, software, programs, or applications beyond their control.


The Host accepts that software, application or server updates, maintenance or periods of downtime may affect Gamewagon’s ability to perform its services or guests’ ability to attend. This may result in postponement/rescheduling of bookings.


The Host understands that updates and connection issues may occur at any time during a party for which Gamewagon is not responsible and may result in the early termination, postponement, or extension its services.


Gamewagon will follow correct safeguarding practices to ensure safe online spaces and to protect user data in compliance with GDPR.


Gamewagon recommends the host and all guests have an adult guardian with them during online play with Gamewagon to ensure full compliance with correct online safeguarding practices.





Gamewagon reserves the right to use video and/or photography of any event which does not feature children, for the purposes of marketing and promotion.


Gamewagon must obtain written consent from the guardians of children to capture and/or use their image or likeness on marketing or promotional materials and on online platforms.


The Host and Gamewagon recognise that any video/photography of children which appear on Gamewagon marketing materials and online platforms is privately uploaded by hosts and/or guests or published with prior written consent from those featured.


Gamewagon is not liable for the use or ownership of video/images published on official feeds by any third party.

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