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Gamewagon can also host in venue Virtual Reality Parties for kids (Aged 9 plus) or adult parties in London and surrounding counties.

We can either bring a wagon (up to 15 kids) and set up a VR arena (for 4 players) inside your house or hired venue.

Or set up consoles and a VR arena inside a venue. With added option to also bring a wagon.

Each VR game takes around 30 minutes. So length of the party depends on numbers who will want to try out the virtual reality experience.


Space of 5m x 5m arena for the VR arena.

Access to sockets.

Additional space of 3m x 2m for two projectors and consoles area if full in venue set up required. Or just two car parking spaces to park a wagon.

We bring the party, the hosts, the VR headsets, the games and an unforgettable experience.


Dead Ahead


Quantum Arena

Cyber Shock

If you would like to discuss a  bespoke event set up then please get in touch to discuss your needs and to get a bespoke quote.

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