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Gamewagon Minecraft Clubs

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Minecraft: Survival Clubs

A Term Time Survival Minecraft experience.


Join a group with up to 10 like-minded miners and crafters to build, level up and win! Make new friends and join Gamewagon to explore, create and be inspired! Play alongside and be guided by our Gamewagon Host and make a lasting mark in our survival Realm! 

An evil presence has been sensed by Mobbington's Wizard, who's crystal ball was unable to see the future dangers. The wizard in question, asked some of Mobbington's finest civillians to go and speak with the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Wizards, all of which will be in different areas and have different quests in order to be defeated, whether that is a puzzle/riddle or a boss fight.

None of this is compulsory however, all the kids are welcome to continue their own goals in the game, whether building their own house, visiting the nether, making a villager farm or whatever their heart desires!

Intermediate, Advanced & Minecraft JAVA Edition clubs available

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What they will need to join:

A passion for Minecraft.

Good listening and ability to work in a group environments

Microsoft Minecraft (Bedrock) on Win 10 PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS/Android, Amazon Kindle Fire/Fire TV or Oculus* 

A second device to join voice/video chat through our Discord community 

Please note the course runs throughout each term, but does not run the week of the half term holidays.

*Minimum console requirement. Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons & other outdated versions are unsupported. MacOS, JAVA Edition only supported for listed JAVA Edition club.    

You can cancel any time and be refunded for unattended sessions.

If you would like to book a free trial session please email

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