Gamewagon's Minecraft Settlement

After School Club

A fun and interactive virtual After School Club.


Makes friends and have fun in Gamewagon's private Minecraft Realm.


A 10 week survival Minecraft adventure lead by a Gamewagon Master Crafter.


Join a team with up to 10 like-minded miners and crafters of all abilities to build, level up and win! Are you a hunter, gatherer, redstone whizz or fortress architect? Find your place in the community, use or learn new skills to expand your settlement. Do you think YOU have what it takes?

Each weekly installment will feature a new task and tutorial as the group makes progress in the world. The group

controls the design and development of the settlement making each adventure unique and special. 

 The group will forge friendships and alliances, discover their strengths and learn new skills as the weeks progress.

Arrive empty handed at the settlement and develop a community - constructing your own house, shops, farms and redstone contraptions. Learn new skills. Experience unique events. Evolve your civilisation. 

This is a dynamic adventure. There will be objectives and tutorials set by the Gamewagon Master Crafter to guide players as well as challenges which will develop naturally as the settlement expands. Ultimately, you choose your destiny with each journey slightly different from the next. Suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

What they will need to join:

A sense of adventure

A willingness to work independently and with others 

To own a copy of Microsoft Minecraft (Bedrock) on Win 10 PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, iOS/Android, or Amazon Kindle Fire & Fire TV* 

A Windows 10, MacOS, iOS or Android device to join voice/video chat through our Discord community 

Please note the course runs over 10 weeks, but does not run the week of the half term holidays.

*Minimum console requirement. MacOS, JAVA Edition, Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Dungeons & other outdated versions are unsupported.   

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