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Video Game Birthday Parties


Video Game Wagon Parties


Are you wracking your brains about what to do for their next birthday party?

Tired of chasing kids round the house, ferrying them here there and everywhere and organising meet-ups with other parents who’d rather be somewhere else?

Gamewagon TM video game parties can be held almost anywhere. The simplest option is to have the party in our specially built video game wagon on your drive or parked outside your house.

For bigger parties we can set up our equipment at a venue of your choice like a village hall, clubhouse, sports club or school. You can decide with us on the games played, running order e.t.c. or you can choose from one of our themed video game party events.



New, Fun and Memorable

We hold birthday parties for boys, girls and mixed groups from age 7 through to teens and beyond.

Give your kid a birthday party they will remember. Not only will they be the envy of all their friends but they will have a new-found respect for their parents!

Gamewagon brings video gaming into the social realm and turns it into an inclusive, social, fun and most importantly, safe activity. You can be assured that with a Gamewagon video game party, your children are only playing the games you allow them to play, in a safe environment, with friends that you’d want them to play with.

Our GEMs (Game Experience Managers) control the entire Gamewagon experience in a friendly and professional manner. They are fully trained in how to ensure that all of the children are up to speed with the equipment and can enjoy the party equally.


Why Choose Gamewagon?

Here are six reasons why a Gamewagon party is a truly hassle-free party solution:

1. No Mess – the Gamewagon is self-contained.

2. No Travelling – the Gamewagon comes to you.

3. Hands-free – you do no not have to stay in the wagon.

4. Stress-free – our fully-trained staff run the party.

5. The kids love it – “best party ever! – Epic!”

6. You can just sit back and relax…

A Gamewagon Video Game Party is suitable for any event where people need to be entertained, have fun, socialise, co-operate, compete or just relax doing something they enjoy with friends.


Social Gaming Events

Our Gamewagons aren’t only for children’s parties they are for any kind of social gaming activity. You don’t even have to use the Gamewagon.

With our custom service our Gamewagon will arrive at a location of you choice and set up a custom array of video gaming equipment exactly how you want it. Ideal for sports clubs, fun days, fetes and more. You could run a FIFA tournament at your football clubhouse, or Tennis, Rugby, Golf or even American Football for adults and children alike.

Maybe you’re having a 40th birthday party, company incentive, a stag or hen night and want to lay on extra activities during the course of the event. Gamewagon is also perfect for wedding receptions to keep the kids entertained whilst the adults are having the real fun.


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