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Retro Or Virtual Reality Gaming Parties For Adults

Feel like you need cheering up this spring?

You’re not alone! The UK has recently endured one of the wettest Februarys in 250 years. This has put a (literal) dampener on many of our spirits. 

Our gaming parties are not only fantastic fun, but a wonderful escape from day-to-day reality. With our virtual reality parties, you can be completely immersed in another world, while still getting to interact with your family, colleagues and friends. 

Ideal for venues across London and the South East, gaming parties are also weather-proof, making them ideal for any season. We can set up in all kinds of venues, making it a versatile solution for any celebration. 

Want to do something different for your office party?

It can be difficult to find activities that encourage team building. A gaming party is a wonderful way to let off steam and encourage employees to bond. It’s also an affordable way to entertain guests at a corporate event. 

Many of us feel deeply nostalgic about games from the 1980s and 1990s. Our retro gaming parties are perfect for those who feel like going down memory lane.  Suitable for up to 8 players, Gamewagon offers a variety of options so you can easily tailor games to reflect your event.

Video games are also a popular feature at weddings and other celebrations where you need something extra to keep kids occupied. Why not take a look at our reviews to see what previous customers have to say?

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