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Five years ago Gamewagon revolutionised social gaming with our mobile video game theatres. This half term we are bringing a social gaming activity to you that encourages planning, team work and face to face communication.

Our Fortnite Squads Half term activity provides;

  • Safe and secure environment.

  • FUN, sociable and convenient half term activity.

  • Teams work together to solve problems and take the Battle Royale crown.

  • Min 4 and Max of 8 players.

Treat your kids to a new game format that teaches teamwork, whilst giving yourself a break this half term.

All that is needed is:

A parking space no more than 25 meters from a main internet hub or access to a stable internet connection. We will bring sufficient cables to connect to your broadband hub.

No more than 8 guests to ensure everyone is involved as a team playing and supporting their teams as they try to achieve Battle Royale.

We may need the ability to be able to download a large game update if required. Fortnite is in beta and may require an update at any point. Depending on size and internet speed this can take up to 30 minutes.

The game is rated 12+ although many younger play Fortnite it may not be what other families choose to encourage. It is up to you to ensure your guests are OK to play.

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