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Affordable And Epic XBOX Gaming Parties

Want to organise a party that’s completely weatherproof?

Gamewagon brings the latest and best games to your kids, with our 90-minute parties ideal for birthdays or those long summer holidays. We bring our gaming van to customers across London and the surrounding areas, saving you the hassle of hiring a venue.

Inside our gaming vans, you’ll find four consoles: PS4, XBOX Ones and Nintendo Switch, making it ideal for gamers of all tastes. Stepping into our gaming wagon is like entering an Aladdin’s Cave for anyone who loves playing video games!

No matter if it rains or snows, gaming parties keep children fully entertained and having fun together.

You can have four games on at the same time, making it easy to keep everyone entertained. We have an array of incredible games to choose from, including MarioKart Deluxe, FiFA20, Trials Fusion, Fortnite and much more.

With all the latest multiplayer games available, participants might well find the 90 minutes fly by. If you wish to play Fortnite, please note that we will need to have access to your internet hub.

Want to book one of our gaming parties? All you need to do is book the time and day you need, and away you go.

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