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An Enhanced DBS Checked Team For Gaming Parties

Is your child a keen gamer and loves playing with friends?

Gaming parties are a brilliant way to transform a venue into a high-tech and fun-filled environment. Loved by both kids and adults, they can be carried out in all sorts of venues. As might be imagined, they can also be delivered online if needed.

No matter if it's a kids’ birthday party or you want to provide fun in the summer holidays, Gamewagon Limited would love to hear from you. One of the UK’s best gaming parties, we offer a range of different options, including our ‘wagon parties’.

Epic gaming parties in London and the surrounding areas.

Perfect for children in a range of age groups, our wagon parties are ideal if you don’t want to hire a separate venue. As the name suggests, we have a wagon fully equipped with gaming equipment. Here children can play a wide range of different games, including Minecraft, Mario Kart Deluxe, Fifa21 and many more.

There can be four games played at the same time, so nobody will get bored! No matter the weather, this party is guaranteed to be great fun. The wagon can be taken to a range of locations, including in London, and can accommodate up to 15 children.

All parties are delivered by a DBS checked team who love entertaining kids.

If you’re looking for experts in gaming parties, find out more about Gamewagon Limited or contact our team for more information.

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