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Awesome Reasons to Hire our Gaming Bus for your Party in Surrey

Hiring our gaming bus will provide a unique experience for any kids’ party. Here are just a few reasons to hire our wagon for your event this summer:

Give children a unique and original experience.

Most kids have never attended this type of party and it will provide a memorable time for them and their friends. Gaming buses are sociable places, making them ideal for bonding. Since Gamewagon Limited offers a diverse range of games, there’s something for everyone, whether they're a keen gamer or only like to play occasionally.

For those who love gaming and technology, it’s a great way to explore the latest gaming consoles, equipment, and titles.

Hire our gaming bus and you’ll also enjoy a stress-free, convenient time.

Not only do we come to your venue in Surrey, guests won’t have to bring any equipment. This makes it an extremely easy party to organise. Not only that, our dedicated staff do everything to set-up and operate the bus (along with cleaning up afterwards!). That means you don’t have to worry about playing host.

A spacious and comfortable space in which to enjoy games.

Our game wagon has large screens, comfortable seats and is well-ventilated, so will be enjoyable even in summer. We can drive to all kinds of locations in Surrey, whether it’s your home, a park or another location.

We also do virtual reliability experiences which are in-venue.

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