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Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming Parties In And Around London

For most of us, VR gaming is still a relatively new, exciting technology. Holding this kind of party will get everyone excited, no matter their age.

If you want to throw a party which introduces guests to VR gaming, Gamewagon can make it happen.

Fun and immersive experience, virtual reality (VR) offers an entirely different gaming experience compared to traditional gaming setups. They transform your party guests into a digital world they’ll never forget. 

Like our gamewagon parties, this type of set-up is also incredibly social. Players can communicate with each other through voice chat or even see each other's avatars, creating a sense of presence and camaraderie.

We offer a variety of awesome VR games, including Dead Ahead, Arrowsong, Quantum Arena, and Cyber Shock.

Suitable for children aged 9 and upwards, our virtual reality parties are also popular for adults. We frequently provide this kind of entertainment for work events, wedding parties and much more. 

Our VR games encourage everyone to get active. 

VR games require physical movement, making them not only mentally stimulating but also physically active. This adds an extra element of fun and can make the gaming experience even more exciting. 

We provide all the equipment and will set it up, so you’re ready to go!

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