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Book A Fortnite Birthday Party For Up To 10 Players

Video gaming has long ceased to be an unsociable activity. In fact, many games make it easy for kids to play with their friends online, so a larger gathering is ideal for special occasions.

Gamewagon Limited specialises in brilliant gaming parties which can take place in-person or virtually. Based in London, we look to be the UK’s number one gaming company.

Our events include Fortnite parties which include a mixture of games, including Capture the Flag, Wild West Shootout, Jungle Base Capture, Inspirations from HALO and Call of Duty.

First released in 2017, Fortnite is a multi award winning game that allows people to explore all sorts of unique virtual worlds. Awards it has won have included Best MultiPlayer (The Game Awards), Best Competitive Game (Golden Joystick Awards), and Favourite Video Games (2021 Kids’ Choice Awards).

Does your child love Fortnite and has a birthday coming up?

One of our Fortnite virtual parties allows you to cross-platform with all your friends. You can meet in Zoom and have hours of fun with your friends on voice and video support. Every party is facilitated by a DBS certified party host.

Gamewagon has even built our own unique Fortnite maps and games.

Since this event takes place virtually, it offers exceptional convenience and is perfect for keen gamers. Fortnite partiers are brilliant for not only kids but teenagers who don’t want a house party.

They’re also extremely cost-effective. Our parties start from only £99 for a 90-minute event, so are ideal for parents on any budget. We have a range of time slots available, however it’s important to book in advance to avoid disappointment!

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