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Bring The Party To Your Site With Our Gaming Bus In Surrey

Whatever type of gaming party you want to organise, we’ve got you covered at Gamewagon Limited- the UK’s leading choice for this type of celebration.

Available throughout London and its vicinity, including Surrey, options include hiring our gaming bus. Inside it offers a range of multiplayer games, with four different consoles in each van, including PS4, XBOX Ones and Nintendo Switch.

Perfect for groups of fifteen children aged 7-11 or ten children aged 12-17 years of age, our gamewagon is a completely weather-proof solution. It’s also brilliant fun for groups of up to eight adults who want to try something different.

Other options for your gaming party in Surrey include:

  • Virtual Fortnite parties which are suitable for up to 10 players and ideal for use with Win 10 PC, Mac OS, Playstation 4, XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch.

  • In-venue VR parties that get children active. These can take place at venues throughout London, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

  • Minecraft clubs for kids who love this popular game.

  • Game design clubs to help children learn, create and play at the same time.

If you want more details on any of these gaming parties, our team is happy to help.

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