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Enjoy A Mixture Of Games At A Fortnite Birthday Party

Fortnite is so popular it’s a foolproof choice for any gaming enthusiast’s birthday party.

It’s won multiple awards including the Kids’ Choice for Favourite Video Game and the BAFTA for best multiplayer game. One of the reasons it’s so popular is it’s easy to use for both beginners and more experienced players. It also has exciting and engaging narratives which kids love.

With our virtual Fortnite parties, children can play from their home and enjoy a weather-proof party that involves plenty of interaction.

Facilitated by an enhanced DBS certified party host, our parties enable participants to explore all kinds of unforgettable worlds. We offer two options for Fornite birthday parties:

  • Virtual Fortnite parties that feature a mixture of games, including Capture the Flag, Wild West Shootout, Jungle Base Capture, Inspirations from HALO and Call of Duty, and much more.

  • Among Us package which includes 90 minutes of play, including custom lobbies and games. This takes place in our awesome gamewagon, which is also ideal for those looking to play a range of other games.

Other options include our in-venue parties that provide a virtual reality experience that’s guaranteed to be popular with both adults and kids. Suitable for up to 12 players, these are brilliant for team building and can take place at all kinds of venues in London and the surrounding areas.

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