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Unforgettable Gaming Parties For Kids in the South East

It’s no secret that many children adore playing video games. Although they sometimes get a bad reputation, the good news is that playing games can be sociable and improve skills like problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making.

If you have a special birthday or Halloween party coming up, our gaming parties are an original and fun way to celebrate. We can easily decorate your venue or our gaming wagon to reflect the theme of your event.

One of the biggest advantages of gaming parties is that they appeal to kids of all ages and abilities, so anyone can join the fun (even adults!). They’re a great time to encourage kids to work together on challenges and strengthen their friendships.

Gamewagon Limited provides a variety of different games so you can entertain children with a variety of interests and preferences.

Our gamewagon has several different consoles inside, including PS4, XBOX Ones and Nintendo Switch, along with all the latest multiplayer games. We can also provide Fortnite as part of your party if you have an internet connection available.

We also hold a variety of other gaming parties, including in-venue entertainment using virtual reality devices.

Find out more about our gaming parties in the South East. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.

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