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Bring The Party To You With Our Gaming Bus

With four consoles in every van, our gaming wagons provide an epic time no matter the weather this January.

The period following Christmas can be a massive anti-climax for children. Not only that, the bad weather and having to return to school can dampen kids’ spirits. Why not cheer them up by holding one of our epic gaming parties?

Offering multiplayer games all offline, our gaming parties in London are ideal for kids aged 7 - 11 years (maximum of 15) or 12 -17 years (maximum of 10). They’re also suitable for groups of up to 8 adults getting together.

Lasting for 90 minutes, our parties are only £275 when they take place Mondays to Fridays, and £325 on Saturday and Sundays.

What do you find inside our gaming wagons?

Each van has a PS4, XBOX Ones and Nintendo Switch plus all the latest multiplayer games. You can have four games on at any one time with guests playing together in sets of threes and fours per TV and per game.

We cover all of London and the surrounding shires and can come to a wide range of locations.

Booking one of our gaming parties couldn’t be easier and can be done online or over the phone.

If you’re looking to hire a gaming van in the next few months, simply contact us for a bespoke quotation.

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