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Hire A Fun Gaming Van For An Amazing Party

Modern gaming is far from a solitary activity. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to hang out with your friends online and chat while you play. However, our party vans, with their multiplayer games, take that to the next level!

A gaming van enables them to literally play together, so it is more like being at an arcade. This makes it ideal for all sorts of celebrations, including birthday parties. Covid-safe, they come complete with hand sanitizer stations.

Equipped with amazing gaming equipment, our vans are perfect for kids aged 7-11 or 12-17 years of age.

Inside each wagon we have a Playstation 4, XBOX ONE and a Nintendo Switch plus one other console. Highly affordable, our gaming parties in London are perfect for parents on a range of budgets.

Otherwise known as our ‘wagon’, our party gaming vans bring the fun to all kinds of locations in London.

Since gaming vans can be driven across the capital, it will save you the cost of hiring a venue. We’ll also be available in the areas surrounding London.

All we need is permission to use the location and to be able to park the wagons so they have access to a socket. If you wish to include Fortnite as part of your party, we’ll also need access to the internet. Why not view our gallery to check out the interiors?

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