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After-School Minecraft Clubs For Players At All Levels

Rather like a modern version of lego, minecraft is one of the most well-loved video games ever.

First released in 2011, it can be played in groups or as a single player. It allows kids to dream, build and explore landscapes like never before.

Minecraft has been described as a ‘virtual sandbox’ and because it appeals to all age groups, it’s good at helping players build a strong community spirit.

Gamewagon Limited regularly hold Minecraft After School Clubs which are highly popular with children.

They’re hosted by a Gamewagon Workshop Leader, who will guide players and help them overcome challenges that develop along the way.

We have clubs for players at all levels, including intermediate, advanced and minecraft JAVA Edition clubs. To join our minecraft clubs, all kids will need a passion for the game, good listening skills and the ability to work in a group environment. They will also need Microsoft Minecraft (Bedrock) on one of the following:

  • A Windows 10 PC

  • PlayStation 4

  • Nintendo Switch

  • Xbox One

  • iOS/Android

  • Amazon Kindle Fire/Fire TV or Oculus*

A second device is also useful to join voice/video chat through our Discord community

Find out more about our minecraft clubs or contact us for more information.

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